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Blix Group

Blix Group Review

This brokerage has been chosen by many traders as the best broker of 2020! Let’s look more into this brokerage and see it it is really as good as some traders are saying:

Blix Group is one of the leading and premium brokerage trading platforms this year that allows the users to invest in a wide range of opportunities through a user friendly, intuitive interface. Blix Group essentially provides traders with a reliable and secure platform as well as fair, enjoyable and transparent trading experience. “Blix Group” uses the most sophisticated and advanced technology for building innovative apps, unique features and trading tools so that they can provide optimized trading options to the consumers. There are a host of trading opportunities and options that are provided to consumers by Blix Group trading. Some of these options include stocks, forex-currencies, indices, commodities and crypto trading among others. So if you are a consumer looking to trade at Blix Group then you have a wide range of options to choose from.

The Blix Group trading platform not only provides these trading options but they also provide educational tools as well as expert assistance so that the consumers are able to make the right decisions and have a high probability of capital success on their investment.

Blix Group provides multiple platforms for consumers to conduct their business and thus open a world of opportunities for them. There is the webtrader, the mobile app and MT4 downloadable version platform for the users to carry out their business. The Blix Group motto relies on establishing strong bonds with their clients based on trust and high performance results. Blix Group intend to exceed the consumer expectations by providing cutting edge technological platform and high end premium services.

Features on trading with Blix Group

The Blix Group trading company provides a lot of unique features for its consumers through its well developed program and comprehensive policy. You get expert assistance and latest tools to help you succeed in your investment and trading endeavors. To begin with Blix Group provides multiple platforms, so that traders can have access to trading tools on the go, wherever and whenever they want. In order to make this possible for the consumers, this broker has three well laid out platforms in the form of web trader, trading apps and mobile trader. You also get educational tools of analysis and expert assistance when you trade with Blix Group.

Blix Group provides multiple trading options in the form of stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, forex /currencies and Indices. You also get banking services such as wire transfers, crypto wallet, e-wallet, credit card and traditional banking transactions. The high end digital tools and support from the broker make it one of the finest brokerage trading platform for the consumers.

Spreads and leverage with Blix Group

The spreads or margin and leverage are two of the most important terms for a trader. A spread trade is nothing but simultaneous purchase of security and sale of another related security. Blix Group provides leverages for CFD traders. Traders who explore cryptocurrency as well as CFD trading are likely to experience big profits in comparison to their initial investments. The broker also provide the traders with various important tools such as stop entry order, stop-loss order and trailing stops among others which minimizes the possibility of traders losing money.

Blix Group also provide the traders with money management methods so that they can understand the tools required to save money rather focusing their entire energy on gaining more money. It is also important to note there might be commission percentages that may be involved when you sign up with this broker. It is important to read the fine print and also take the help of legal counsel before signing on the agreement documents.

Trading platforms

Blix Group provides multiple platforms for traders to do their business and conduct their dealings on the go, whenever they want and in the most convenient manner. Some of the trading platforms provided by Blix Group include webtrader, MT4 and mobile app.

The webtrader is essentially the official website which contains multiple features, tools and apparatus for traders to conduct their transactions and invest their money in a skilled manner. All the traders need is a computer and internet connectivity. You don’t need to download anything, just log in on the site and enjoy the slick and convenient user interface. The webtrader gives you access to a wide range of features and products as well as educational material in multiple formats so that the trader can have the best chance of making profit on their investments.

The MT4 is another trading platform available to the users. This is one of the most popular and widely used platforms across the trading community. Using this platform you can analyze market as well as enhance your trading experience by taking help of expert advisors in order to formulate your strategies.

The mobile app is a state of the art, sophisticated and highly scalable app that helps you to perform all the necessary trading function at your finger tips. You get almost all the features of the webtrader on the go, anytime, anywhere. This is one of the most useful platforms for the traders to conduct their business with ease at their own convenience. All you need to do is download the app and enjoy all the features that come along with it. The apple and android apps are in the pipeline and those platform apps are likely to be launched shortly.

Deposits and withdrawals

As a trader with Blix Group if you want to invest in any of the trading programs then you are required to deposits funds in your online account. The deposits and withdrawals in are regulated by the pre-defined policy as well as comprehensively laid out terms and conditions.

The terms of deposit are well laid out on the website. If you are a client of this brokerage then you are required to deposit funds from a single known source such as bank account. If you are planning on starting trading with this firm then you have to ensure that the account is in the same country as your residence and the account is in your name. There should be swift confirmation of the legitimacy of the account for you to start trading immediately. In order to complete the confirmation process you need to send the details to Blix Group confirming the origin or source of money that will be used for transactions and trading. If you somehow don’t want to comply with their policy then you will not be allowed to conduct your transactions and deposit money through wire or bank transfer.

One of the other important policy of the firm is if you haven’t logged into your account and traded in 6 months then your account will become dormant and the dormant account will be subjected to deduction of 10% every month as a form of penalty. If you are using either a credit or debit card for making a deposit then the minimum amount that you must deposit is 250 EUR or GBP. The maximum amount that you are allowed to deposit via the debit or credit card is 30 000 EUR or GBP each month. As a trader you are allowed to use multiple debit or credit cards for deposit. If you are depositing fund via the wire transfer then the minimum amount that must be deposited is 500 EUR or GBP.

In terms of withdrawals as per the AML guidelines, rules and regulations the withdrawals can only be conducted through the same credit/debit card or bank account which was used for depositing the funds. The withdrawals can only be made in the same currency that was used for deposit unless it has been explicitly agreed otherwise by the broker. If you are using alternative methods of payment for deposits or withdrawals then you will be charged additional fees and there are likely to be restrictions on the transactions. The withdrawals are subject to the processing of withdrawals and handling fee. These fees will be deducted from transferred withdrawal amount. The schedule of fees and its structure is available on the official website.

Traders may also perform withdrawals to different facility or resource that was used for deposit, subject to the regulations of anti-money laundering. In terms of withdrawals there might be situations or instances where the trader is asked to produce additional documents and information. The minimum amount that can be withdrawn through the wire transfer is 3 000 EUR or GBP.

The brokerage also provides bonuses at different times which are subject to the policies and terms as well as condition laid down specifically for bonuses. If you want to submit a withdrawal request then you have to provide all the compliant documents, which should be approved by compliance officer of Blix Group and additionally the beneficiary name for withdrawal must match the name that has been submitted on trading account. The request for transferring funds to the third party will not be allowed and processed. There are no additional requirements in terms of maximum or minimum withdrawal amount.

It is important to note that the account holder should monitor their account regularly and also ensure that there is available margin in the account before submitting the request. The withdrawal may have an effect on the open positions that are existing or the trading strategies that are used.

The time required for processing the withdrawal request by Blix Group is usually 5 business days once the receipt has been received. Once your request for withdrawal has been approved by the authorities at Blix Group, it might take 10 business days for funds to be finally credited to your bank account or the credit card. The brokerage gives due importance to your funds and hence they have taken all the necessary measures so that your funds are kept as safe as possible with all the necessary apparatus in place for ensuring the same.

Beginner support and educational material

The brokerage website provides various resources and tools for you to learn trading if you are a beginner and also ensure that you get maximum benefits out of your investment. There are comprehensive and strategically prepared Ebooks, videos and webinars for the traders to understand the nuances of trading and market as well as develop the understanding for trading success.

You can choose from a wide range of ebooks that are meant for novices to even the experienced ones. There are also video courses that are available so that you can learn and become an independent successful trader. There are also webinars on the app that are available so that you can watch those educational sessions on the go even when you are busy as per your own convenience.

Pros and Cons

There are a lot of pros of using Blix Group trading firm if you are looking to start investing your funds in trading. You get high quality platform for your trading requirements and expert support to ensure that you get the maximum out of your investment. There are multiple tools, features and tutorials that are comprehensively designed specifically for the different level of traders to ensure that they get better at trading and have high probability of generating profits. You also get efficient customer support at your disposal if you have any queries, complaints or suggestions. There is also cutting edge software and tools at your disposal for you help with your trading needs. You also get high leverage for your investment that are suitable for most of the trading styles. Blix Group also supports non traditional forms of fund transfers including various digital formats.

As with anything there are cons to any product or platform. The investment comes with a tangible market risk and you need to be rationale with your dealings. Also there is no financial regulatory body that monitors the trading platform thus it can lead to issues, however the broker does have a good track record with customers. The minimum deposit amounts required a tad higher than the industry standards.


Blix Group brokerage website is a great trading platform that provides multiple trading opportunities and amazing tools to help the traders start a successful venture and it is not a scam broker as you can easily see, many traders have even chosen Blix Group as their favorite broker of 2019. Like any investment you should make sure you learn to trade in order to minimize risks before you make the decision of investing in the trading programs. If you are a good trader you will easily be able to turn a profit with this broker.

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