Bio of Per Wickstrom: CEO of Substance Abuse Centers

Per Wickstrom is the CEO of Best Drug Rehabilitation and he is a successful CEO today due to the fact that he is constantly working on his drug rehab centers in order for them to be more effective. Per Wickstrom is constantly putting in effort to make Michigan a safer place for everybody. When he first opened the Best Drug Rehabilitation center, he knew that this would help Michigan as a community overcome some tough hurdles where many of their loved ones have died to drug or alcohol overdose.

Per Wickstrom feels very grateful to have this opportunity since he even had to overcome some serious obstacles in his life involving serious addiction problems in his youth. Many drug rehabs didn’t do him justice but the one that did, was one of a holistic and natural approach. Per Wickstrom chooses to follow through with certain recovery procedures and methods that he underwent when he was recovery from a severe addiction.

Today, Per Wickstrom is happy to share his story with everyone that wants to hear it. Some people are embarrassed having gone through rehab and being a former drug user, but in reality these individuals should be proud that they didn’t let drugs and alcohol take over their lives and instead were able to combat such a tough situation. Per Wickstrom always explains that if we don’t stop the program, it will continue to grow and impact more and more people everyday. Per Wickstrom is constantly making sure that his clients’ recovery is going well. Everyday him and his staff go over numbers and talk about how each and every one of their clients are doing at the rehab.

One of the most important things at a drug rehab center is to make sure your clients are comfortable. If they aren’t comfortable, then they will surely not be able to undergo recovery. When you go through natural and holistic recoveries, you need to be focused and determined since it is now easy. With Per Wickstrom and his professional team of recovery experts, it will be easier to go through recovery since the CEO knows exactly what its like. He had a step up when he decided to open his own rehabilitation business. He is very dedicated to the recovery of each individual and that is exactly what every entrepreneur should be doing in order to keep your business going.

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