Best Places to Visit in Georgia

Best Places to Visit in Georgia

The nation of Georgia remains unmatched for its mountain scenery as it straddles the continents of Asia and Europe on the Caucasus Mountains. To shimmering and sandy beaches on the Black Sea, the medieval monasteries and fortresses to the snow-capped peaks of Svaneti and the deep caves, Georgia has something to offer to every traveler. Listed below are some of the best spots in Georgia that every traveler should explore:

Tusheti National Park

Right on the cusp of Chechnya and Russia and cascading down the northern edges of the Caucasus Mountains is the Tusheti National Park. The historic home of the Tush people, the park is breathtakingly beautiful as it is made up of grass-clad hills and soaring peaks. It has a couple of roads in sight and there are historic villages nestled between the misty mountaintops, which are encompassed in rural sheep farms and spruce forests. In fact, the region is famous for its cheese and wools.


The capital of the country, Tbilisi is often regarded as Georgia’s nerve center due to its combination of modernity and history. It is an excellent place to explore the fine balance of the new and the old. Old Tbilisi is at the heart of the city, which comprises a medley of timber balconies, Byzantine churches and some striking modern art. There are pretty parks and public fountains to be explored.


While this city is best known for its namesake mineral water that was a favorite of the Soviet masters of Georgia, Borjomi has a lot more to offer than its sulphuric, volcanic springs. It has a magnificent setting, plugged quite neatly between Borjomi Gorge’s bridges. The grassy lawns and fountains of the city park, the Russian imperial architecture and the mysterious Green Monastery are just some of the places to check out in this city. Book a trip with Sharobi Travels and add Borjomi to your itinerary.


Located a short ride outside of Tbilisi, Mtskheta is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that’s located on the low-lying banks of the Aragvi River confluence. It is regarded as one of the nerve centers of the Georgian Orthodox Church and is known for its countless Christian sites. Huge crowds visit the town on a daily basis to see the magnificent frescoes and the beautiful rises of the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral. It is one of the best examples of medieval Georgian religious architecture and is a pilgrimage site for the people.


Situated deep in the heart of the beautiful and majestic Svaneti region, Ushguli has also been tagged by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. Set between crooked farmsteads and fields of castle, it encompasses towns such as Chazhashi and Zhibiani. The spot is also home to one of the most fascinating ethnography museums. Plus, Ushguli is also known as the place that was used for hiding Georgia’s national treasures during times of strife and national conflict.

Add these places to your bucket list when visiting Georgia to get a true taste of this breathtaking country.

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