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Best Management Practices: Warehouse Operations for Efficiency and Safety

Best Management Practices: Warehouse Operations for Efficiency and Safety

There are 1.9 billion square feet of warehouse space in the United States. It is essential to manage warehouse operations effectively and safely to ensure optimal operation.

If you are starting to notice gaps in your warehouse efficiency, then it is time to make some changes.

Use these tips to create an efficient and safe warehouse working environment.

Optimize Your Storage

If you are using an outdated racking system, then you are missing out on a lot of opportunities to streamline processes. Today you can choose a warehouse rack that suits your company’s needs.

This could be high density racking to help increase the number of pallet positions in your warehouse. Or maybe a push through type of system is what your warehouse needs to help get the place organized.

Upgrade Your Technology

These days you can track your inventory status and location with scannable codes. This system can immediately tell employees where to find a particular product.

It can also let you know your inventory levels at any moment. This enables you to optimize your management of inventory volumes.

Standardize Workflows

Standardize the workflow for all of your warehouse employees. This way everyone follows the same flow of work.

This helps to create a team-like atmosphere and better morale between individual employees. It also reduces the level of confusion created by employees moving in unpredictable patterns.

While creating your workflow, review the current processes. Figure out how to streamline the process. You may need to move the inventory around in your warehouse.

Place items that are often packed together near each other. This will reduce the amount of time it takes to pull and pack these shipments.

Another option is to build mezzanines. Then employees can jump to other areas of the warehouse quickly.

Create Safety Procedures and Standards

A single injury can bring your entire warehouse to a screeching halt. Even minor injuries can slow down your warehouse productivity.

On top of this, no one ever wants to see someone get injured, especially if that injury was preventable.

Review the OSHA safety standards to create a best practices guidelines that are followed by everyone from the top down in your company. You then need to educate your employees on these guidelines thoroughly.

Then follow up and make sure these standards are consistently met.

Consider Automation

One way to create an efficient warehouse is to automate a lot of the processes. Let’s face it, humans can only work so fast, and they make mistakes.

You can automate pull and pack to speed up the process and reduce errors. A reduction in errors saves you time by not having to fix them. Your customers will appreciate getting their order correct every time.

Optimize Your Warehouse Operations

When it comes to managing your warehouse operations, you need to focus on efficiency and safety. Any racking system or workflow you choose needs to keep your employees safe. 

Now that you have your warehouse operations handled, are you managing your entire supply chain well? Look for these signs.

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