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Best Desk Setup for Productivity: How to Arrange a Work Desk

Best Desk Setup for Productivity: How to Arrange a Work Desk

In the United States, most people work 40 hours a week.

This is the standard working time. However, some work on their unfinished tasks from home, thus working for even more hours.

You tend to spend most of your time at a desk, especially if you work in an office. Also, if you work from home, you often spend most of your time in your work area. It may be tiring to work for a great part of the day.

However, how you set up your work-space has a major effect on your productivity and work satisfaction. It is important to commit your time and money in creating a comfortable desk setup to enhance your success at work.

Below are some of the best desk setup for productivity.

1. Set Up Close to a Window

Natural light increases productivity, improves your mood, decreases stress, and encourages alertness.

Also, you need to take a break from looking at your computer screen by gazing at the sun outside.

However, if your work-space doesn’t access enough natural, you should ensure it’s bright by using artificial lighting. Go for floor lamps instead of overhead lighting. This way, you can modify the position of the lamp to prevent eye strain.

2. Go for a Standing Desk Setup

Sitting the whole day may have negative effects on your health.
It may lead to a high risk of cardiovascular diseases, bad cholesterol levels, increased blood sugar and blood pressure. On the other hand, having standing desks helps to increase productivity.

You can use a sit-stand desk or a standing desk converter in case you don’t want to spend money on a standalone standing desk. A sit-stand desk is ideal since it is not healthy to stay standing all day.

3. Invest in an Ergonomic

A high-quality chair is important if you don’t want to use the standing desk setup or if you want to combine both standing and sitting. Ergonomic chairs are useful in that they make you comfortable physically, thus helping you to remain focused.

You should the right customizable chair that you can adjust to your desk and body. Your knees should be 90 degrees to the floor while your thighs parallel to the ground. To reduce arm and wrist strain, ensure your elbow also sits 90 degrees to the desktop.

Get yourself a chair that has lumbar support to enable you to sit in a proper posture. Additionally, the top of your monitor or laptop needs to be even with your eyes.

4. Enhance Ergonomics by Using A Mouse Or Keyboard

A mouse and external keyboard are essential whether you’re working on a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

Using these helps to reduce the strain on your arms and wrist as it improves the ergonomics of your work desk. You can opt for KT1, which is the best ergonomic keyboard tray as it is adjustable and it promotes your wrist health.

If you’re sitting in an uncomfortable position, it may be hard for you to concentrate. Hence, ergonomics are essential in your workstation.

5. Keep a Plant near Your Workstation

According to research, having a living plant close to your work-space may increase your performance in various ways.

Plants make your office pure and reduce your chances of getting sick and missing work. Also, they increase productivity, reduce stress, improve your mood, and sustain your alertness and focus.

You can choose to invest in succulents since they don’t require much maintenance.

6. Organize Your Work-Space Using Essential Accessories

To boost your productivity, you need to reduce the clutter on your desk.
However, ensure everything you require in your work area is accessible to you.

You may opt for a desktop organizer for your paper, pens, and other equipment that you use daily when working.

The supplies you don’t use daily should be kept in the storage drawers to ensure they’re still accessible but are not all over your work-space.

7. Avoid Super-Long Cables around Your Work-Space

Having cords for your cellphone charger, headphones, phone, mouse, keyboard, and computer may distract you when working.

You should ensure that those cords are replaced or wrapped up. Opt for binder clips, cord clips, and cord holders to group together the necessities.

You may label the cords to avoid confusion especially when you have a lot of cords.

8. Place Certain Objects on Your Desk That Inspire You

For instance, you may place a family picture, a reminder of the ethos of your company, or an award.

These objects inspire you to work hard every day and thus improve your productivity.

9. Place Healthy Snacks at Your Desk

Sometimes you may need to take a quick snack to raise your energy levels. You may get hungry way before lunchtime or before the closing hours of the office, hence a quick snack would do.

For instance, you may opt for dried fruits, protein bars, and mixed nuts to keep at your desk.

10. Wear Headphones to Avoid Noise

Your workmates will avoid coming at you for a chat especially when you have your headphones on. Hence, this will increase your productivity at work. If you’re working at home and have noisy neighbors, headphones will keep you from being distracted.

However, avoiding listening to music through headphones when working. You may listen to music when working on repetitive tasks but you should avoid it when you’re working on something that requires concentration. 

Organize Your Desk with the Best Desk Setup for Productivity

Everyone needs to have an organized work-space to improve their performance and productivity at work.

You may achieve this by embracing greenery and natural light and having an ergonomic working station. Ensure you’re comfortable while working and avoid distraction.

Your working area should suit your preferences. It should motivate you to do your best. Using the above tips for the best desk setup for productivity will help you enjoy your time at work and have a good time even after work.

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