Benefits of Biometric Time Attendance Systems for Businesses

Benefits of Biometric Time Attendance Systems for Businesses

Employee time attendance was a major problem at one time for businesses around the world, but things have become easier with biometrics time attendance software. Biometrics have become quite popular amongst businesses for tracking time attendance because this technology provides adds an element of security to the time tracking software. Moreover, it doesn’t allow employees to steal company time by punching their fellow employees out or in. As the name indicates, this type of time attendance system uses the biometrics of every employee for clocking them in or out.

There are a number of benefits that implementing such a system can offer to a business. Want to know what they are? Read on to find out:

Benefit 1: Increase payroll accuracy

One of the biggest benefits to a business of installing a biometric time attendance system is that it enhances the accuracy of its payroll. When paperwork was used for monitoring attendance of every employee, it would take hours to go over the timesheet and then enter it into the computer for printing checks. With the use of biometrics attendance system, there is no longer any need to enter data manually as it is automatically recorded into the computer. This reduces the amount of time spend on payroll and also improves accuracy as there is a less chance of human error.

Benefit 2: Reduces burden on payroll department

Not only does a biometric attendance system improve the accuracy of payroll, it also reduces the burden on the payroll department. Employees no longer have to keep multiple files of paperwork and then spend considerable time in scanning the documents into the system for printing out checks. The amount of paperwork that needs to be done by the payroll department is decreased due to a biometric time attendance system and also enables employees to check the number of hours they have worked and how much they have earned.

Benefit 3: Eliminates the possibility of time theft

In the past, time theft was a major problem for companies and employees were able to get away with stealing time. How? Some employees purposefully clocked in or out of work a few minutes before or after their actual shift to earn overtime pay. Likewise, they didn’t properly log their breaks or simply wrote down a later time of leaving even though they left earlier. Biometric time attendance systems in Kenya and all over the world eliminate this issue altogether. Eliminating time theft can help businesses in saving money and ensuring accountability.

Benefit 4: Prevent employees from punching in their friends

Another notable benefit of biometrics is that they don’t allow employees to clock in their friends. This used to be a major problem for businesses when attendance was kept by using passwords for logging into an online time clock or timesheets. Employees were able to take advantage because they would tell their fellow workers to log them in or out. With biometrics, fingerprints have to be used for clocking in and out of the system and no one else can do this for an employee.

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