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Ben Carson Says a Muslim Cannot be US President

On Sunday, Ben Carson, the US Republican president candidate said that a Muslim couldn’t be the president of a country because their faith and beliefs weren’t consistent with the constitution of the United States. Carson said that he would never advocate that a Muslim be given charge of the country and he would never agree with it. Carson is near the top of the opinion polls amongst the numerous Republican candidates, but his remarks sparked a controversy as Donald Trump, the front-runner in the presidential war didn’t challenge the anti-Muslim comments that were made on Friday by a supporter.

As a devout Christian, Carson said that he had consulted the Bible for coming up with his tax proposals and he asserted that the faith of the US president should be in accordance with the Constitution. The retired neurosurgeon said that Islam didn’t meet this bar. Carson was condemned by the largest Muslim civil rights group in America for making this statement. The group said that the Republican candidate should be disqualified from the Presidential contest as religious tests are forbidden by the US Constitution for holding public office. Ibrahim Hooper, the spokesman of Council on American-Islamic Relations said that he should withdraw.

Keith Ellison, the Minnesota Democratic Representative is the first practicing Muslim to be elected in Congress. He stated that the GOP presidential candidates were trying to boost their campaign via fear mongering, which was unimaginable. He also stated that all American citizens should be worried that such national figures are tolerating and committing religious bigotry. Later on Sunday, another statement was made by a spokesman for the Carson campaign, which said that the Republican candidate fully supported religious freedom as per the US constitution. However, he also added that the Judeo-Christian society wasn’t as yet ready to accept a Muslim as President.

Doug Watts, the spokesman said there were complex and significant differences between the US Constitution and the Muslim faith, which are directly in conflict. Carson has been climbing up in the polls rather rapidly, but he slipped from second position to third with 14% support on the CNN/ORC polls on Sunday. The presidential election will be held in November next year and sixteen Republicans are aspiring to be nominated as candidates. The contest was led by the real estate mogul, Donald Trump as 24% registered voters gave him their support, a decline from the 32% in the last poll.

With 15% support, Carly Fiorina, the former Chief Executive Officer of Hewlett-Packard surged into second place. Another Republican presidential candidate, Senator Lindsay Graham scorned the comments made by Carson and said that he needed to offer an apology because they were especially offensive to Muslim soldiers in the US army. In January, a Bloomberg/ Des Moines Register poll had been conducted in Iowa, which showed that 13% Democrats and 39% Republicans deemed Islam to be violent. When Trump was asked if he would agree to a Muslim president, he said that some believed it had happened already. 

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