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Are You Hodling the Hodling Merchandise?

Are You Hodling the Hodling Merchandise?

Blockchain is supposedly the new internet. Those who do not know much about this technology might not be aware of how it can be the next internet. However, if you are someone who understands blockchain and the cryptocurrencies that make use of this technology, you know what is coming in the future. Now, it is your responsibility as an early adopter to let the world know what blockchain and cryptocurrencies are all about. You have to make it a meme, trend, and fashion if you can. You don’t have to come up with new memes to make them go viral. You already have a lot of viral stuff from the blockchain industry.

So, have you heard about hodling or hodl? No, it is not an English word per se but soon you might see it in the urban dictionary and any dictionaries that take internet vocabulary into consideration. It was a misspelled word from a cryptocurrency trader/investor that turned into a meme. The user wanted to say that he wants to “hold” his cryptocurrency i.e. he did not want to trade, exchange or sell them. However, the user misspelled the world hold to hodl. It did not take time for this misspelled word to become a meme and a viral trend in the blockchain brotherhood.

Now, if you want to show the world that you support blockchain, the decentralized applications and currencies, you can do that with this word. How do you show this word to the world? Just wear the clothes with the meme on it. You will be surprised to know how many items there are on the market today that have Hodl stated on them. From t-shirts and bracelets to mugs and beach towels, Hodl is every today. The only question that needs to be asked now is, “Are you hodling any of the hodl merchandise?”

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