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An Overview Of Shipping Methods For Your Online Business

An Overview Of Shipping Methods For Your Online Business

Every online business needs to have fast and reliable fulfillment to succeed. You want your customers to receive quick and accurate orders with a cost-effective shipping method but are not sure where to start. This post comprises a detailed overview of the order fulfillment and shipping methods for your eCommerce business.

Shipping Choices 

Luckily, the present market scenario gives you a wide range of shipping choices to ensure the most cost-effective and dependable delivery for your orders. Generally, the shipping methods and companies depend on certain criteria. You can choose from USPS services or private shipping services like UPS/FedEx.

USPS tends to be one of the most dependable shipping methods of delivering products to consumers’ doorstep. It is the only option to deliver parcels and packages to APO and PO Box locations. The USPS services are reasonable and come with several shipping options like Express Mail, Media, First Class, and Priority. First-class mail has the one flat shipping cost to deliver the package to the same city or another.

On the other hand, UPS/FedEx services are costly. The combination of these two carries are trustworthy services and makes the best choice for those who want to ship high-value products with insured and guaranteed delivery. Many eCommerce businesses consider it worth paying extra money to benefit from the necessary insurance and guarantee for their products to be delivered safely.

UPS/FedEx carriers provide both ground and air services and are suitable for delivering a heavier package. They estimate delivery time and cost depending on the zone of the recipient. Packages shipped to the nearest zone get delivered the next day through ground services. This package shipping involves less charge than the cost required for the farther zones. It will take up to five working days to get to the destination.

Tracking and Shipping Confirmation

While some people interchange tracking and shipping confirmation, they come with different meanings. UPS or FedEx tracking of the package tells you where it goes through. On the other hand, shipping confirmation acknowledges both the customer and sender that the parcel has reached the destination zip code. They also get notification of delivery attempts, whether it was successful or unsuccessful.

Fulfillment Centers and Shipping Products

Besides choosing the best shipping method for your products outboard shipping, you need to deliver them to the fulfillment center. Usually, most fulfillment companies offer reliable services at negotiated costs, allowing you to benefit from freight shipment through the most suitable shipping method. The freight shipping cost hugely depends on the pickup site and the nature of your products. The fulfillment center you choose should be capable of guiding you about the best option.

You can offer the best products. But it does not mean much if you cannot get them safely delivered to your customers. Reliable fulfillment companies like Mail Box WTX offer excellent services for your eCommerce business. With the right fulfillment partner, you can take your eCommerce business to the next level. They have teams of experts who ensure the process of receiving, packing, and shipping your orders merchandises are flawless.

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