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Alice Cooper Reuniting for New Album

Alice Cooper is planning to bring the original band together to make their first album in 43 years. Until the ‘Muscle of Love’ album in 1973, Alice Cooper used to be a band, but after that, the name was continued as a solo act from ‘Welcome to My Nightmare’ and so on from 1975. Cooper said that in moving forward, he wishes to go back for bringing back the greatness of ‘Killer’ when they had been a band. Cooper said that he had always enjoyed the idea that they were a Detroit rock band and they would never give up being a hard rock band.

He said that every once in a while, they wanted to revisit the flavor of an album because they had liked what they did and this is where they are going with the ‘Killer’ album. Cooper said that while recapturing what they had done seemed tough, but they could certainly look at the elements to see what had turned out so well. Original members of the band have come back for this project, which include drummer Neal Smith, Dennis Dunaway for bass and Michael Bruce as guitarist. Glen Buxton, their lead guitarist had died at the age of 49 in 1997 due to pneumonia.

The work on the new album for Alice Cooper has begun. Cooper said that he had written three to four songs with Mike Bruce and Neal Smith. He said that they had worked for two weeks in Phoenix for writing and demoing songs, but they don’t know which ones will be included in the album. Two to three things have also been written by Dennis Dunaway, but Alice said that they hadn’t seen them yet although his work is always great. He asserted that going back to work with his old bandmates was fun. They were not trying to re-live their youth; they are just trying to bring back the sound, which has proven to be elusive.

The first album of the Alice Cooper band had been released in 1969 and was called ‘Pretties for You’. Seven albums were released by the band until 1973, which included Easy Action in 1970, Love it to Death as well as Killer in 1971, School’s Out in 1972, Billion Dollar Babies in 1973 and the last album had been Muscle of Love, also in 1973. Alice had come together with the band last year. 

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