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After Nevada, Trump Faces Super Tuesday

On Tuesday, Donald Trump secured victory in the Nevada Republic caucuses, which is his third state victory in a row, thereby reinforcing his position as GOP’s presidential nomination’s frontrunner. Mr. Trump basically gets another momentum blast with this outcome as he heads into the next contest on March 1 where primaries and caucuses will be held by 11 states. This is the day when more convention delegates will be awarded as opposed to another other day in the calendar of 2016. The Super Tuesday Primaries on March 1 cut through the Bible belt deeply and featured a majority of the most religious and conservative states in the US.

In almost all states that will be voting on March 1, Mr. Trump is leading in polls in nearly all of them. Only in Texas is Mr. Trump vulnerable as Senator Ted Cruz has moved ahead there. As none of the states are winner-take-all, Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Mr. Cruz do have the opportunity of piling up delegates under rules that will proportionally split them up. After finishing third place in South Carolina, Mr. Cruz will be working on winning the support of the more evangelical Christians amidst staff tumult and rumors of underhanded tactics used in campaigning.

Mr. Cruz has made some heavy investments in these southern states and will be going up against Mr. Rubio, who is working on amassing support in order to emerge as an alternative to Mr. Trump. All candidates have the job of convincing voters. Winning all 50 delegates in South Carolina, Mr. Trump is going to roll in the region with proof that despite his profane statements and brash comments, the social-conservative voters are still not hesitating in embracing him. In the states that will be voting on March 1, about 595 convention delegates will be awarded, which are more than any other day in the 2016 primary season.

Apart from Texas, the states that will be awarding delegates include Minnesota, Virginia, Vermont, Alabama, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Alaska and Georgia. However, for everyone, the man to beat is Mr. Donald Trump. If his victories in New Hampshire and South Carolina are any indication, he has the potential of simply crushing his opponents. In the early contest, the candidates only had to campaign in a single state at a time. Now, the move will be a bracing test of their endurance and support as they compete at a quicker rate.

Due to the varying rules of the states for allocation of convention delegates proportionately to candidates, strategy becomes more complicated now as it gives them the opportunity of scooping up some delegates without finishing first in all states. On Tuesday, Mr. Rubio campaigned in Minnesota. Even though he barely competed in Nevada, on Monday and Tuesday, Mr. Kasich appeared in Virginia and Georgia. According to Mr. Trump’s plans, he will be campaigning in Oklahoma in Friday. On Thursday, all the candidates will gather together for the next Republican debate. The upcoming March 1 Super Tuesday will be a big test for Mr. Trump. 

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