Advice in the Work Field from Per Wickstrom

Per Wickstrom is today a successful entrepreneur or many drug rehabilitation centers across the United States including Best Drug Rehabilitation, A Forever Recovery and Choices Recovery. These three rehab centers are currently his most popular ones located around the Michigan area. Many individuals hate their job and hate what they do but not Per Wickstrom. He does not have an ordinary job compared to most individuals.

Per Wickstrom owns a drug rehabilitation center therefore he sees the best of people, and the worst of people. The best of people is when they are successful with their recovery and are happy to share with others; and seeing the worst in people is always at the beginning of the recovery process when they just cut the dangerous substance right out of their life and the individual will go through different emotions and stages. At times Per Wickstrom mentions that it is hard for some of his coworkers to keep it together but Per Wickstrom understands how stressful it can be to help individuals recover from a drug addiction and ways that his employees can cope with it.

Being able to constantly give your employees some motivation is exactly what is needed. Acknowledging their hard work means more to them than you think and by doing this, your employees are guaranteed to work harder and better since they know how appreciated they truly are. At times, the employees can still be overwhelmed even with some motivation, therefore actually showing how much you care and actually sitting down with them and talking to them individually about what is on their mind is extremely effective according to Per Wickstrom.

Per Wickstrom knew that it was going to be difficult to run a rehabilitation center, or several rehabilitation centers but that is why it is important to know what is going on in each and every location in order to figure out if the employees need some training, or the clients just need something a little extra. Per Wickstrom has never been scared of any of his clients since he tries his best to share his story with each and every one of them that step foot into his rehab centers.

It is always necessary to promote success and motivate others in the work force. If you expect good results, in this case the good results would be for each and every client that signs up for rehabilitation has to be successful by walking out at the end of their recovery drug free and not having the urge to consume any drugs or alcohol anymore. In the end, all of the employee’s hard work and CEO Per Wickstrom’s hard work, pays off when you see the success of each and every one of your clients. 

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