7 Steps to Learn Russian

7 Steps to Learn Russian

There are dozens of excellent reasons to find out the way to speak Russian. Perhaps you admire Russian culture, or even you’ve always wanted to go to Kiev or Tbilisi as a tourist.

Whatever your motivation, Russian isn’t a simple language. However, it isn’t as hard as you think that either! Follow these eight steps and you’ll start your learning journey on the proper foot.

7 Steps to learn russian

1) Master the Russian Alphabet

how to learn Russian – letters

If you would like to understand the way to learn Russian, the alphabet is that the best place to start out . The Russian alphabet is straightforward to find out because it’s very phonetic.

The alphabet consists of 33 letters, and it’s going to seem unfamiliar initially . However, it’s many similarities to English alphabet. a number of the letters look and sound exactly like their English counterparts: A, B, D, K, L, M, O, and T.

On the opposite hand, some Cyrillic letters have an equivalent pronunciation as English letters, but look differently. for instance , the Cyrillic “г” seems like English “g,” and therefore the Cyrillic “ф” seems like English “f.”

2) Learn Common Russian Words First

how to learn russian – common words

Every language has words that are more commonly used than others, so it’s helpful to find out these first as they’ll are available handy during daily conversation. Lets start.

Здравствуйте (Hello)

Привет (Hi)

Доброе утро (Good morning)

До свидания (Goodbye)

Как Вы живёте? (How are you?)

Было приятно познакомиться с Вами (Nice to satisfy you)

Да (Yes)

Нет (No)

Пожалуйста (Please)

Спасибо (Thank you)

If you’re learning Russian for a selected purpose, like travel or business, there’ll be a group of vocabulary terms that you simply should work to memorize first. make certain to let your Russian teacher know your goals and he or she is going to assist you learn the foremost useful vocabulary directly .

3) Find Cognates in Russian

How to learn Russian

When wondering the way to learn Russian quickly, one among the primary steps you ought to take is to seek out words that have an equivalent meanings in both Russian and English.

There are many words in Russian that sound a bit like their English counterparts. Start with the examples below.

Телефон (telephone)

Компьютер (computer)

Такси (taxi)

Аэропорт (airport)

Лампа (lamp)

Технология (technology)

Температура (temperature)

4) Learn the principles of Russian Grammar

How to learn russian grammar

Russian may be a very rule-based language. for instance , a bit like in French and Spanish, each noun features a gender assigned thereto that you simply must memorize.

There are three genders within the Russian language: masculine, feminine, and neuter. Here are the principles for determining which gender a particular noun is. check out the last letter of the word.

If it’s a consonant, or “й”, the word is masculine.

If it’s “а” or “я”, its feminine.

If it’s “о” or “е”, the word is neuter.

If it’s a silent letter, like “ь”, then it might be either masculine or feminine.

There are only a few exceptions to those rules, but the notable ones occur mainly due to physical gender. for instance , the subsequent exceptions occur because the person you’re pertaining to is male, therefore the word is masculine.

Папа (Dad)

Дядя (Uncle)

Дедушка (Grandfather)

Мужчина (Man)

There are more grammar rules to find out , like how verbs change tenses, how nouns become plural, etc. It’s best to find out these rules from knowledgeable language tutor to make sure that you’re practicing them properly.

5) cash in of Flexible Sentences

The best thanks to learn russian – practice writing

Word order in Russian sentences is extremely flexible and different from the firm, “subject-verb-object” structure that English speakers are wont to . for instance , in Russian there are several ways to precise the statement, “I sleep in Miami.”

Я живу в Маями. (I sleep in Miami)

В Маями я живу. (In Miami I live)

Живу в Маями. (Live in Miami) – you’ll skip the pronoun altogether!

Here is another example using the question, “What did you talk about?”

О чём вы говорили? (What did you talk about?)

Говорили вы о чём? (Talked you about what?)

Вы говорили о чём? (You talked about what?)

О чём говорили? (About what talked?)

To use the pliability of Russian syntax you would like to know the system of declension which suggests that nouns, adjectives, pronouns, and numerals change their endings counting on gender, number (singular or plural), and one among six grammatical cases.

You’ll even have to find out the way to properly conjugate verbs. For help with a number of these trickier concepts, see subsequent step.

6) Learn Russian with Oksana Oliynyk

We have to know that not all native Russian speaker can teach you.

Whatever your reasons to study Russian this is your opportunity to do that with a professional Russian language teacher. Look no further! Enjoy learning Russian with a highly qualified and experienced native teacher

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7 Steps to Learn Russian

7) Practice Speaking & Writing

Best thanks to learn Russian

The best thanks to learn Russian quickly is to use every opportunity to talk it. Become more confident and cozy in your speaking skills by memorizing Russian idioms, common sayings, and practicing short dialogues daily.

In Conclusion

Now you recognize the simplest thanks to learn Russian. most are capable of mastering a far off language, but with the following pointers and tricks under your belt, you’ll get on your thanks to learning Russian faster.

I started Learning Russian From Oksana Oliynyk and she have been working very hard to make me understand and I am happy to have her as my teacher.

Now you know where to start learning Russian and become fluent Russian speaker.

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