6 Great Wedding Jewelry Trends In 2017

6 Great Wedding Jewelry Trends In 2017

Who doesn’t want to look perfect on their wedding day? Every bride wishes to look spectacular; something out of a dream. While the most focus is always on the dress, women know that it is the small things that can have a huge impact. Yes, your dress is extremely important, but this doesn’t mean that other things are not. This applies to your wedding jewelry.

Deciding what kind of jewelry to wear can be a tough decision because you want to ensure it goes with your dress. Like every other aspect of the fashion industry, jewelry trends also come and go every year. There are websites such as where you can find many awesome designs that are not found everywhere. Indeed, there are some classic wedding jewelry trends that remain evergreen, but there is something new to be seen every year.

If you are preparing for your wedding, you should definitely know about the 6 best wedding jewelry trends today, which are outlined here:

1.   Stackable

The craze of stackable rings seems to be on the rise and this trend has also made its way to the bridal world. These rings have gained a lot of popularity because they are quite easy to add onto. They enable you to create your own story by including new pieces, which make them an excellent choice for your wedding day.

Eternity bands are also used as wedding bands and they still remain popular. In fact, some modern styles have been introduced, which include the entire band wrapped with tiny identical stones and you can find them in different metals and sizes. You can try out a mix of metals.

2.   Colored Stones

One of the best wedding jewelry trends these days is color. As opposed to the timeless class offered by diamonds, women are leaning towards stones that offer them greater dimension and depth. These stones tend to have a greater visual impact and attract a great deal of attention. Sapphire and ruby are considered enduring colorful alternatives. Both are hard, but not as hard as diamonds, and they come off very well. There are also some budget friendly choices available in the form of garnet, ametrine, opal and turquoise.

3.   Unusually Shaped Stones

Again, this trend indicates the desire of women to wear something that’s new and uncommon. Marquis, emerald and pear cuts seem to be making a comeback and more irregularly and raw shaped stones are also in greater demand. An interesting choice for women are raw diamonds, which can be found in unique shapes and a variety of colors and are also known to withstand the test of time.

4.   Personalization

These days, both men and women want the jewelry they choose for their wedding day to represent their story. People are now seeking a deeper connection to their wearables, whether it is shown in the way they wear jewelry or reflected through the original concept of the piece. Jewelers are now willing to make one-of-a-kind jewelry after taking the ideas and suggestions of the clients into account. They ask for a couple’s story and design unique pieces that describe their story. Not only will this last a lifetime, but you can also ask the jeweler not to make any replicas so it will stay just yours. Personalization gives you the freedom of choosing the metals and stones you want and matching it with your wedding dress. The choice is also a reflection of your tastes and personality.

5.   White Metals

Lately, in the fashion industry, rose gold has emerged as the big winner because it works out quite well with the trend of combining different metals. Even though white yellow gold is categorized as a classic, some women are of the opinion that it is a bit dated. This is where white metal like platinum, white gold and even sterling silver can come in really handy. White metals are now being regarded as the choice of modern women for their wedding day jewelry and their popularity in the bridal world is definitely on the rise.

6.   Mother Nature

A huge wedding jewelry trend that seems to have emerged in the past few years is nature inspired jewelry. You can check out the bridal jewelry collections and see a wide array of tiaras, headbands and even bracelets that boast leaf motifs and floral embellishments. The beauty of nature is that it can be incorporated into jewelry in a number of ways. You can get a pair of floral earrings or even opt for a thin bangle, which has a delicate flower and vine detail. The best part of this bridal jewelry trend is that it can work with all metals so it can be coordinated easily with your wedding and engagement rings.

When you are searching for your wedding jewelry, you can check out these 6 best trends in bridal jewelry and make your choice according to your taste and style.

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