5 Benefits of Using a Pay Stub Creator for Your Business

5 Benefits of Using a Pay Stub Creator for Your Business

From small businesses to large corporations the Fair Labor and Standards Act requires all companies to keep detailed records of their employees’ wages and hours worked. The simplest way to do this? Pay stubs issued at the time of payment.

Providing your employees with a paystub is the most efficient way for both parties to have receipts of hours worked vs. amounts paid. There are a plethora of ways to keep these records; however, a pay stub creator is by far one of the best.

Let’s take a look at five reasons every company should have a pay stub creator.

1. Pay Stub Creators are Convenient

If you’re still logging your employees time with a pen and paper on a pay stub form, please stop. Join us in the 21st Century by using a pay stub creator. Companies such as have made generating pay stubs for employees so efficient and straightforward that anyone not using it is falling behind.

2. Minimal Errors

No matter how much you love working on payroll, chances are over the years you have made an error or two. Usually, payroll errors are not caught until after the fact when an employee is reading a pay stub. Then comes the long process of correcting the mistakes.

With paystub creators, the chances for errors are greatly diminished. Thanks to advanced AI and solid algorithms keeping track of every minute worked is now automated and straightforward.

3. Professionalism

For businesses that are just starting out maintaining a professional appearance is everything. Having professionally designed pay stubs for your employees will bode better for you than a paper trail of penciled in dates and times.

Keeping detailed records of your employee’s wages and taxes is vital to the success of your company, and it keeps you out of any hot water with the IRS.

4. Record Keeping Made Simple

There are many reasons why one would need to keep records of payment. This helps both employer and employee with their record keeping.

Whether it’s filing taxes or renting a home having a pay stub helps the employee easily navigate these situations. Knowing how long to keep pay stubs can be tricky, but the more you have on hand, the more you can prove employment longevity. Pay stubs are one of the most widely used forms of employment or income verification used today.

5. Customization

Possibly the best benefit of pay stub creators is that they allow you to customize your pay stubs to fit your brand. There’s no need to hire a team of people to come up with the right layout for your pay stubs. You will be in full creative control. 

This benefit is great for businesses who are just starting and may have a creative change or two along the way. Brands are always changing, don’t let your pay stub stay the same. 

Step Into The Future

With everything you need right there at your fingertips creating paystubs has never been more accessible. With pay stub creator your payroll process will become simplified and efficient allowing you to focus more on your business and should an audit need to occur everything you need is right there on hand.

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