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4 Situations That Class as a Workplace Injury

4 Situations That Class as a Workplace Injury

A workplace injury can arise with little warning. There are many scenarios that could class as a workplace injury. When an injury occurs on the job, the injured worker has the right to seek worker’s compensation benefits. Being aware of the types of situations that lead to workplace injuries is essential for ensuring workers always protect themselves.

Workplace Injuries Happen with All Types of Employment

Injuries can occur with all types of employment. Even those who sit at a desk can experience neck and back injuries. There is no workplace environment that is perfectly safe. When injured workers need personal injury help, they sometimes require the services of a lawyer.

4 Situations That Class as a Workplace Injury

There are many injury situations that can occur on the job. Practising workplace safety is essential for the reduction of injuries. When someone becomes injured on the job, they must report their injury as soon as possible to their employer. Waiting too long to report could lead to the forfeiture of worker’s compensation benefits. The following offers insight into four common situations that class as a workplace injury.

1. Overexertion injuries are one of the most common types of workplace injury situations. Jobs that require constant pulling, twisting, lifting, and throwing can lead to overexertion injuries. This type of injury can come on suddenly or progressively occur in the course of employment.

2. Slipping and tripping are both situations that classify as workplace injuries. This type of accident can occur because of spills, wet floors, poor lighting, and uneven flooring. According to the National Safety Council, workplace injuries occur every seven seconds in the United States.

3. Machine entanglement is a dangerous situation that results in many workplace injuries each year. Hair, fingers, clothing, and shoes can all become entangled in machines, especially if there is not proper protection in place. When someone becomes injured by machine entanglement, they need to report the injury right away so they can receive worker’s compensation benefits.

4. Vehicular accidents are also considered a workplace injury. When a worker drives for their company, accidents can occur. If the driver did not cause the accident, they will likely have access to worker’s compensation benefits. Serious vehicle accidents can leave behind major damages.

Obstacles to Receiving Benefits

Although worker’s compensation benefits are meant to provide wage replacement and medical coverage, injured workers are sometimes given the runaround.

Injured workers sometimes receive denials of their benefits, leading to frustration and stress. When a denial occurs, the injured worker has the right to seek an appeal. Although not required, some individuals feel more confident in hiring a lawyer to help them in the appeals process.


While some industries are more dangerous than others, workplace injuries can occur in the course of any type of employment. When injuries occur, it is imperative workers are aware of the worker’s compensation laws that are in effect to protect their rights.

The process of filing a claim is meant to be straightforward, but the worker needs to report in a timely manner. When issues arise, injured workers have the right to seek legal counsel to guide them in making important decisions. Injured workers also have the right to receive worker’s compensation benefits so they can recover from their injuries.

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