3 Tips for Better Communication with Your Lawyer

3 Tips for Better Communication with Your Lawyer

One of the most important things that will determine whether you and your lawyer will be able to work together efficiently is communication. If the communication between you and the lawyer is stressed out and unclear, then there is literally no chance of winning your case.  And to help you communicate with your lawyer in a better way, you can use the tips below.

Always Provide Details

Rule number one – be as detailed as you can about your case. You might think that some of the information regarding the case is trivial. But you should still speak about it rather than overlook it in your conversation with the lawyer. Whether that specific information is valuable or not is for the lawyer and the court to decide. For example, suppose that you are involved in an accident. And in your description of the events, you avoid telling your lawyer that there was a car that just passed you right at the time of the accident. The car may have nothing to do with the accident. But you still have to mention it. Maybe the lawyer is able to find that car, and it has a front camera that recorded the oncoming vehicle just seconds before it crashed into you. And this video can later turn out to be the evidences that help you win the case. So, make sure that you provide your lawyer with all the details of the case.

Question When Necessary

If a lawyer explains something to you and you do not clearly understand it, make sure to question them further to clarify it. It is inevitable that the lawyer will use many legal terminologies when conversing with you. And it is very important that you follow whatever your lawyer says. This is especially true if you will be called in as a witness where the opposing lawyer will be looking to tear you down to pieces and invalidate your claims. But if you have understood your lawyer’s instructions perfectly, then you can get through the questioning from the opposition lawyer without any difficulty.

Do Not Lie

Never ever lie to your lawyer. Understand that the lawyer is the only one who is on your side. If you hide something, and the lawyer later finds it out from the opposition in the court, then they may not be in a position to defend you. For example, imagine that your wife has accused you of beating her and suing you for a divorce settlement. The truth may be that you actually did beat her, but it was a reaction to her beating you first. Now, you may think that accepting that you did beat her might not sit well with your lawyer and decide to hide it from them. But if any video proof appears in the court that shows you clearly beating your wife, then your lawyer will be helpless and unable to defend you. If you had talked about the incident earlier, then they may have been able to think of something to counteract the evidence. So, always be 100% honest with your lawyer.

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