How Banners and Signs Will Change Your Business

How Banners and Signs Will Change Your Business

When it comes to marketing, banners and signs are a traditional technique that often gets unjustly overlooked. Sure, promotional products, billboards and TV commercials are more recognizable, while more and more businesses abandon traditional in favor of digital marketing altogether. Still, it’s not like you have to choose between these methods. After all, you can safely integrate them into a single, powerful, marketing campaign, thus maximizing the efficiency of your outreach as a whole. Here’s some insight on the role that banners and signs may play in this story.

  1. Perfect for live events

When it comes to trade shows and live events, you need something to help you steer attention your way. In these situations, signs are a fail-proof method. You can put the sign on the front and hang the banner in the back, which will allow you to make your stand completely branded, without having to invest too much effort into it. In fact, customizing the stand is far more complex than just making a banner and strategically place it behind. The color and the content on these promotional items can do all the rest.

  1. Massive outreach potential

Another major benefit of a sign or a banner lies in the fact that their outreach potential gets more attention than their counterparts online. Think about the last site you entered and the ads you’ve encountered there. First of all, about 26 percent of all desktop users use AdBlock which automatically counts them out. The rest are there to see an offer, read a piece of content, interact with the page or watch a video. As for the bypassers in high urban density areas, they’re much more susceptible to the visual stimuli everywhere around, seeing as how their focus isn’t on any single item in their view. The key here lies in your ability to find an ideal spot for your banner or sign.

  1. Frugality of printing in a bulk

Another thing you should keep in mind is the fact that printing these banners in a bulk tends to be far more affordable. Therefore, you stand to get a much better ROI from your deal. A specialized company. you get the privilege of both integrating your own company markings and picking the quantity you believe will satisfy your offline marketing needs. Due to the fact that you need to cover several locations, personalize your corporate headquarters as well as save some of these materials for the next live event, you might need to get quite a bit.

  1. Combining digital and traditional

There’s no rule to what should stand on your corporate banner, which means that you can easily turn it into a tool for the promotion of your online marketing. For instance, you could print an email, social media handle or merely an icon of the social network your brand is active on beneath the company name. In this way, you encourage people to look you up online, while not altering the design of your sign or banner for too long. A person who passes by your sign during their daily commute just might look you up online upon their arrival home.

  1. A temporary solution

In the previous several sections, we discussed a way in which a sign or a banner can be used as the main mean of promotion, however, what if you’ve just moved into an office and don’t have the adequate corporate markings yet. In retail and even in some fields of the service industry, curb appeal is one of the most important factors of your business promoting efforts. Therefore, you can use a banner as a temporary replacement until you get to install a signboard on top of the commercial space you’ve leased. Here, the choice of material matters a great deal, which is why most companies opt for Banner mesh, due to its versatility and durability.

  1. Psychology of color

Seasoned marketers know just how important it is to use colors in order to condition an emotional response from your audience. In various industries, certain colors are considered as standard, while others may seem completely inappropriate. Same goes for fonts (imagine using Comic Sans for a logo of a funeral home) and symbols. Either way, like any other visual mean of marketing, you get to use these elements to your favor. One of the reasons why this is so important is due to the fact that human brain receives visual information about 60,000 times faster than it does its textual counterpart.

  1. Excellent for foot traffic

While the point of billboards is to be observed from far away (preferably by drivers passing by), signs are extremely convenient for pedestrians. The nature of their observation, on the other hand, needs to be put in question, seeing as how drivers merely take a glance at the billboard, while a pedestrian is more likely to pause for a moment and more closely examine the sign. Therefore, it’s smart to place a sign right in front of your store or headquarters and, in this way, attract more foot traffic.

  1. The more the merrier

One final point in favor of signs and banners lies in the fact that you need to be present in as many forms and formats as possible. Why? Well, simply because this kind of omnipresence gives you more appeal, more prestige and makes you look more legitimate as a business. This is especially important for small businesses and startups, seeing as how there’s nothing easier, nowadays, than making a fake website. Once you become present in the analog world, as well, people will suddenly start looking at you in a different way.

In conclusion

As you can see, banners and signs give you a unique shot at areas and audiences that most other methods completely miss out on. Furthermore, as we’ve seen in the section about combining digital and traditional, they can also serve as a great support to some of the other techniques you’re currently using. In other words, they give outstanding individual results while being an efficient team player at the same time. One last thing, they perform admirably regardless of the niche, although you might want to examine the most efficient industry-specific method of utilizing them.

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