Expert Marketing Tips for Instagram

Expert Marketing Tips for Instagram

Instagram has been the ultimate place for sharing photos since its introduction. It provides a great platform for not only personal use, but businesses use it daily to market products and inform their products of the latest trends.

Some people do a better job at provide their brand the proper exposure and making sure that a new product is marketed to the highest number of people possible. Additionally, you should be trying to convey the proper content in order to stay relevant and while it seems easy, it can take some effort to figure out what works best for you.

Various methods can be successful in obtaining the right amount of results when it comes to social media marketing, however, there are a few common things that one can follow to better influence audiences on Instagram. A few such tips are mentioned below:

Switching to and using a business profile

One of the first step, if not the first, which can help you improve your marketing results significantly on Instagram, is switching to a business profile. You can find the option to do that in your current account, by going to the settings and looking for a ‘Switch to Business Account’ button or a similar one.

Doing so provides some unique benefits that can be very helpful to your cause. For example, it allows your follows to contact you with a click of a button from your Instagram page, just as they could from a website. Another important aspect of a business profile, is the ability to use the analytic tools Instagram provides which provide stats about posts and their reach and allow you to use different metrics in order to better understand the traffic to them. You can also publish ads on your posts using the business profile, without ever needing the Facebook advertising tools.

Utilizing the free Instagram tools

Business profiles on Instagram are very similar to their Facebook counterparts and the statistics they provide include data of user engagement, impressions and others. These demographics can be broken down according to the user’s age, location or gender, thus allowing you relevant information and to better market your product according to your audience.

Furthermore, you can sort these impressions by a certain time period and enhance your understanding of the user’s interaction with your content. Such information gained through the free tools can be significant, as the more insights you have, the better you will be able to adjust to customer needs.

Make use of stories

Instagram stories are different from the regular posts, as they allow you to post content in a slideshow format. These posts do not stay up for more than a day but can be used later by saving them on your device.

The greatest advantage these stories provide is that they appear daily on the home page of every user’s Instagram page, above the usual posts that are generated for them by Instagram. A clever and rather popular use of these stories has been to provide some behind-the-scene posts that allow you to connect with the user on a more personal level. Properly used, Instagram stories can be a very effective tool.



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