8 Top Office Gadgets to Have in 2018

In order to maintain their competitive edge and business productivity, small businesses should invest in the latest equipment and technology available these days. Not taking advantage of tools and gadgets that can improve and enhance processes and their productivity is a major mistake of the business’s part. One of the best things about these gadgets is that most of them are available at reasonable prices, which works in favor of small businesses as they don’t have to exceed their budget.

Some of the top office gadgets for small businesses to have in 2018 are:


In an office environment, bttns can be great for triggering entire workflows because they are used as a shortcut to services and products. With the help of this gadget, most office tasks can be accomplished easily including booking an available meeting room, reordering supplies, marking timesheets and ordering call-backs from tech support, all at a press of a button. There are integration tools available with bttn and it comes with stand-alone connectivity, making it easy to use.


This is a lightweight and sleek device that can turn your regular laptop instantly into a touchscreen. The bar has to be attached to the bottom of the laptop’s display panel with magnets and plug it in via USB. Once this is done, you can use anything from a gloved finger to a paintbrush for interacting with the screen. You can use it on both Windows and Mac laptops. AIrBar is especially helpful for small businesses because it allows them to improve interactivity in meetings, video conferences and client presentations.

BrightLink Pro Interactive Displays

The new interactive BrightLink Pro by Epson are an innovation solution that can optimize productivity in the modern meeting rooms of today as they have the power to convert any device into an interactive platform. Simply put, it is a projector that has been developed for interactive display and can share and link information from a variety of sources in the form of a video conferencing display, digital whiteboard and also a giant tablet when they are connected to a computer.

Smart Postage Meter

If you are looking for the next-generation office sending solution, the SendPro C-series is your answer. Regardless of the size of the office, this digital multi-carrier platform can be used for easily selecting the ideal sending option for every letter or parcel they send and also provide full tracking and delivering savings. This means that businesses can now use a mobile device, laptop or a tablet for accessing mailing services and package shipping securely.

Hardware Encrypted HDDs and SSDs

Solid-state drives and hardware encrypted hard drives offer secure and high-capacity secure portable storage. This can be incredibly useful for businesses that collect sensitive information and then need to transport it. While you can save more data on hard disk drives, solid state drives can offer more durability.

Epson WorkForce EcoTank Cartridge Free Printer

Businesses that have high printing requirements have to have a printer and this one is great for this purpose as it can print in color as well as black and white. As these care cartridge-free printers, you don’t have to worry about running out of ink at the most inconvenient time and not worry about frequently buying replacement ink. This enables small businesses to make their operations efficient and streamlined.

VoIP Phone System

If a business hasn’t yet switched to a VoIP phone system, now is the time to do so. Systems like these don’t use a traditional landline because they work off your internet connection. Nextiva provides such VoIP phone systems and they are less costly than landlines. Also, they provide additional features like portability because you can make calls from your mobile device, desktop or phone and you can also integrate the system with other software.

Connected Whiteboard

A connected whiteboard is a good option when remote collaboration and work on a laptop screen seems a bit too crowded. This cloud-based technology makes use of a huge whiteboard screen that’s perfect for brainstorming and off-site meetings. You can take collaborative work to a whole new level with this technology and remote working can become quite productive as well.

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