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Limitation of Transgender Individuals in Military Sought by Trump

Limitation of Transgender Individuals in Military Sought by Trump

A memorandum that will ban some transgender individuals from taking part in the military of the United States, was signed on Friday by President Donald Trump. However, the army officials have given some freedom, as to how they chose to implement those policies.

According to the memorandum, transgender individuals with dysphoria related to the gender will not be allowed to serve in the military, except in some specific and limited circumstances. It said that people that required the use of medical drugs or surgery, which could prove to be substantial, would be disqualified.

The memorandum also added that policies concerning these transgender individuals, if they are deemed suitable, could be applied by the secretaries of defense and homeland security, by exercising their authority.

According to Jim Mattis effectiveness of the military could be compromised by individuals that have been previously diagnosed or had a history of gender dysrophia, a statement from the White House said.  It went on to praise the policy saying that it would provide equality standards for military forces, which have previously not existed in any country in the world. Physical and mental health policies that were beneficial to the military as a whole, could also be established with the help of this policy, the statement added.

However, the move was seen as an insult to the transgenders serving in the military by the Democratic National Committee. Nancy Pelosi, the U.S. House Democratic Leader, was also critical of the move, saying that it could be harmful to the nation. She added that it was a disgusting and cowardly proposal, and there were no changes, when compared to a similar memorandum that Trump had announced in the summer of last year. She used more strong words in her criticism, adding that it humiliating and disgracing the courageous servants of the U.S. military, was the hidden agenda of the ban being imposed by the President.

Trump had chosen to go the opposite route of his predecessor, Barack Obama, when he initially announced the plan on Twitter last July, saying that no transgender would be allowed to serve in the military of the United States. He said that the military could not stand to afford the medical cost, that came with medical treatments of the transgenders and that it would be disrupting to armed forces.

However, the move was termed as violating the rights of equal protection under the U.S. Constitution by federal judges. A ruling by them blocked the ban from being implemented in the country. These circumstances have led to the Trump administration altering their statements, as the Pentagon said in an announcement on Friday that compliance to the federal laws will be guaranteed. Major David Eastburn, a spokesman said, that the transgender troops will be retained by the military.

The policy was also at the end of criticism by The Human Rights Campaign, which is an advocacy group for lesbians, gays and transgenders. According to the group’s President, Chad Griffin, the policy was discriminating against transgenders and was unconstitutional, no matter what views the Trump-Pence administration had on the matter.

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