How to Choose an Amazon FBA Prep Service in China

How to Choose an Amazon FBA Prep Service in China

The FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) customer benefits are one of the top reasons why a lot of Amazon sellers choose to use it. However, they may face some problems in when they ship directly to Amazon fulfilment centers from suppliers, especially when the suppliers are located in China. This is when you need a middlemen for doing Amazon fulfilment in China on your behalf. You can find Amazon FPA prep service in China that provide you with the necessary services like labeling, goods inspection, kitting, customer clearance and other steps until they are shipped to Amazon FBA warehouses. Amazon has strict requirements about FBA prep due to which you need to use a reliable service.

How can you choose an Amazon FBA prep service in China? Here are some things you should take into account:


This should be your primary concern when it comes to choosing an FBA prep service. Sure, it doesn’t have to be the only factor, but it is only natural for you to want the best deal. The first thing you should ask is whether the prep service will charge you per item or on a monthly basis. Learn more in this regard at

If you have a large volume of inventory, monthly charges will suit you better whereas per-item works in the case of limited inventory. You should also ask the services included in the price as some prep services may charge extra for packaging such as poly bags and bubble wrap. The storage fee should also be asked as well as the minimum number of units to be sent at a time.

Storage Facility

While the primary job of an FBA prep service is to check your inventory and ensure it is ready to be sent into FBA, more and more sellers have begun to use these services for storing their inventory. There are reasons why this trend has become popular. First, this can be a cheaper alternative as compared to storing the inventory at a Fulfillment Center. Therefore, sellers simply store their inventory with the Amazon FBA prep service they are using and simply send stock into FBA, depending on the demand and sales velocity.

The suspension culture of Amazon is another reason why this seems more feasible to sellers. If your account is suspended, your stock is stuck at the Fulfillment Center. The only way for you to get it is to pay per item and even then you have to wait for a couple of weeks. This can be a costly process and it is better to store with a prep service rather than deal with this hassle.

Processing Time

A key factor in your choice of an Amazon FBA prep service in China is their processing time. How long does it take for them to prepare your inventory? If you have a high sales velocity, you need them to be able to send your inventory into FBA quickly. Reliable FBA prep services are upfront about their time and those that are vague should be avoided.

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