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‘Road To Brexit’ To Be Outlined In Speech By British PM May

‘Road To Brexit’ To Be Outlined In Speech By British PM May

Britain knows what it is doing when it comes to Brexit, as it attempts to convince the European Union and unite a cabinet that’s been quarrelling ever since the split was announced. A series of speeches will be delivered by Prime Minister Theresa May in the coming weeks to accomplish this task.

A transition deal that will ensure a smooth exit from the European Union, and finalize a long-term trade agreement is what Britain is hoping for. However, according to a statement from Brussels, the transition deal was not a certainty and that Britain will have to clarify what it wants from the EU.

The Prime Minister and other senior government officials will be delivering a series of six speeches that will address this issue. May’s office dubbed it “The Road to Brexit” and a source inside the office said that Brexit was a defining moment in the history of the nation. The source also claimed that they’ll be providing the details soon, as they take the road to a different future. This will help people see the benefits of this new relationship which will be realized by communities in every corner of the country.

However, a poll conducted on the issue revealed that 74 percent of Britons were unsure and didn’t fully understand May’s strategy for Brexit.

Her cabinet and Conservative Party are still divided between people who voted for Brexit in 2016 and those who didn’t. May will have to deal with uniting these people and make them believe that Britain does indeed have a future outside the European Union.

Some senior ministers will be hosted by the Prime Minister at her country residence in Chequers, as she tries to bring the different groups in her cabinet under one umbrella.

The ‘Road to Brexit’ series will begin on Wednesday by a speech from Foreign Minister, Boris Johnson. The minister, who’s been a leading advocate of Britain leaving the EU, will try to rouse people on both sides of the controversial departure.

The security relationship that is to exist between Britain and the EU, will be highlighted in Prime Minister May’s first speech. The speech will be delivered on Saturday in Munich at a conference and will be followed by another one that will outline Britain’s future partnership. The schedule for the second speech has not yet been decided.

A plan explaining how businesses in Britain will be able to carry out their operations whilst maintaining their global reputation will be informed on by Brexit minister, David Davis. The date for that speech has not yet been decided, along with two other speeches set to be delivered by Trade Minister Liam Fox and Cabinet Minister David Lidington. Unsurprisingly, Finance Minister Philip Hammond will not give a speech as he’s seen as the most pro-EU member of Prime Minister’s May cabinet.

Brexit minister Davis’ speech carries great importance as the Japanese businesses in Britain recently warned they will leave if they end up not making any profits due to trade barriers.

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