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Learning how to Install Replacement Windows

Learning how to Install Replacement Windows

Just like a new paint job, a new window can be a great way of brightening up a room. In addition, it can also be helpful in saving hundreds of dollars on a monthly basis in the form of energy bills. So, if you have been putting off the idea of replacing your windows because you don’t want to incur the cost or you are feeling lazy, it is time to get to it.

The good news is that you don’t have to hire an expert for replacing your windows. Want to know how to replace a window step by step? Just follow the instructions outlined below and you will be good to go:

Step 1: Remove the old window

If only a new windowpane is needed, you can simply call the glazing contractor and get it replaced. But, if the entire window has to be replaced, using a stock window replacement is a good idea. Sure, some adjustments to the frame are needed, but the cost is less than that of a custom window. Before getting started, you need to remove the entire window casing with a crowbar, which includes the sill plate and trim.

Step 2: Make adjustments to the window frame

When the window casing has been removed, ensure the studs and headers are secure and check if the dimensions of the new window and the old frame match. This may require the removal of a section of siding on the exterior or addition of new boards to the frame. Leave a gap of ¼ inches on all sides for insulation and further adjustment.

Step 3: Put in the new window

If you have removed part of the exterior siding, keep the moisture at bay with felt wrap. The exterior framing of the window should also be covered with window wrap. Start from the bottom and move your way up. Start installing from the exterior by pushing it up against the frame. Anchor the window to a piece of wood and screw it into place. Maneuver the screws for adjusting the window until it is square and plumb and add shims to areas that require adjustment. When the window is correctly positioned from the exterior, you can secure it with nails and screws.

Step 4: Wrap the new window

You need to put in one more layer of window wrap around the window’s fins. Cover the surfaces completely by overlapping the wrap. Don’t let the wrap fold back on itself or crinkle because it has to keep the moisture out.

Step 5: Deal with insulation

The gap between the window and the casing needs to be filled with expanding-foam sealant for insulation purposes. Use painter’s tape for covering the edges of the window for keeping the surfaces protected. Scrap off the foam with a knife once it has dried.

Step 6: Replace casing and trim

When the foam has dried out, you can remove the excess and put in a new casing. If needed, the exterior trip should also be replaced.

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