The Different Types of Parental Controls

The Different Types of Parental Controls

This is the age of the internet. We are now living in a digital world. Even if you have talked to your kids about responsible online behavior and screen-time limits, it can still be tough for parents to manage what their children are up to when they are not home. These days, children have mobile devices like tablets and smartphones that give them untethered access to the internet anywhere and everywhere. So, how can you monitor your child? Parental controls can give you the support you need for keeping your kids’ internet experiences fun, safe and productive.

There are different kinds of parental control options available that help you in protecting your kids. Parents can know where they are, what they are up to and who they are in touch with all thanks to child monitoring app options. Listed below are some of the different kinds of parental controls you can implement to ensure the safety of your child:

Smartphones and tablets

Some of these mobile devices offer parents some basic monitoring and control options for their children. Other than that, you can also download apps like the one mentioned above, which can come in handy for keeping track of your children on social media as well as instant messaging apps. You can read their messages, see what they are looking at through the browser and where they are at any point of time.

Operating systems of devices

As far as laptops and desktop computers are concerned, you can find some robust built-in parental controls incorporated in the operating system of these devices. As long as your operating system is updated, you will be able to take advantage of the controls and monitor your child’s activities with ease.

Web browsers

We access the internet through web browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Each of these browsers also come with their own form of parental control options that can be used for restricting kids from visiting some particular websites. The best part is that these controls can be used free of cost, but older kids often find their way around these restrictions. If your kids are young, you can also get them to use kids browsers like Zoodles, which are specifically designed for children and don’t show any inappropriate content.

Home networking

Apart from software solutions, there are hardware options that can also be used for controlling your Wi-Fi and home network. There are devices that work with your routers for filtering internet content. The new Wi-Fi router controls are very easy to operate and you can download their respective apps to control them. A single press of a button can be used for shutting down the router and closing off your child’s internet connection. This works for kids of all ages as getting around these devices can be immensely tough.

You can choose a combination of these different types of parental controls for monitoring your kids and ensuring their safety in the best possible way.

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