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What are the Benefits of Platform Beds?

What are the Benefits of Platform Beds?

There are many options to consider when choosing a bed. A person considers a type of bed that will be best suited to the room’s aesthetic and one that is comfortable. The platform bed is unique and it offers more options in the design as compared to other types of beds.

A platform bed is a type of bed that has a board at the foot and the head. A wooden slat is provided in between the two boards to support the mattress. It is available in different heights depending on the height of the user.

Benefits of Platform Beds

  1. It consists of supports that provide firm support. The bed provides a base that is suitable for any kind of mattress. This removes the need for box spring. For this reason, the cost of purchasing the box-spring is cut. The absence of box-spring also reduces the cost incurred in replacements in case of wear.
  2. Platform bed consists of space beneath the mattress. This space is usually used for the storage of items that may have otherwise used up space in the bedroom. The space is also important as it enables free circulation of air beneath the bed. The circulation of air prevents the growth of molds which is detrimental to the structural rigidity of the bed. During the design of this type of bed, drawers can be added to the design. These drawers are useful due to their ability to provide more space for storage and assist in the general organization.
  3. The ordinary bed consists of many systems that will add extra cost to the final cost of purchasing the bed. These systems include the frames of the bed, the system containing bars used as supports on the ground, the mattress, and the box-spring. A platform bed is constructed in such a way it incorporates all these systems in one unit. The extra cost that would have been used to purchase the extra systems can be invested in purchasing a quality mattress. The Platform bed has the benefit of being easily assembled after purchase and can easily be disassembled when the need arises to move out.
  4. Platform beds are easier to furnish in design and to the required finish as required by the customer. The best platform beds are appealing to the eye. They also improve the beauty of the bedroom. The good aesthetic look reduces the necessity of bed skirt which adds extra cost. The beds are constructed using wood. This provides an array of different colors and the shade of wood to choose from during the bed construction. A customer can also choose the quality of wood for construction and can specify the suitable size. The traditional design of construction of the platform beds is still incorporated into modern designs.
  5. Platform beds are set to stand close to the floor. For this reason, they feel steady and firm. This enables the owner to have a comfortable sleep. The short nature of Platform beds suits best short people and children as compared to other types of beds. It also consumes a reduced amount of space as compared to the old beds.

The choice of the type of bed to buy depends on the cost, the comfort, and the aesthetics. Platform beds tick all the boxes.

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