Watch over your Home with Acer Smart Plug

Watch over your Home with Acer Smart Plug

There are times when you reach the office only to realize you left your TV on at home. There are also situations when you wish the coffeemaker would turn itself on in the morning and have your coffee ready in the morning. Wouldn’t you love to have a smart home where you can just turn the appliances or the lights on and off no matter where you are? With the Acer smart plug, you can do all that and more. Yes, the technological boom of the 21st century has brought about a world of change and made the wishful possible. You can automate your home on the most basic of levels with the smart plug.

Like every other smart device, the Acer Smart plug is also Wi-Fi enabled and it can actually store about eight unique Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) settings. The device will connect automatically to an available and stored Wi-Fi. It is compact in size and you can plug it in through any small appliance to get it up and running. You will find a function button on the Acer Smart Plug, which is used for switching it on and off, connecting to the Wi-Fi and for accessing the Setup Mode.

Watch over your Home with Acer Smart Plug

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Apart from the function button, the device also has an LED indicator and color status. Different colors indicate the status of the device. For instance, if there is no light, the smart plug is off, solid green means it is on and connected to aBeing cloud while a solid orange means not connected to Wi-Fi and aBeing cloud. Blinking green indicates the device is ready for Setup and blinking orange tells you that factory settings have been reset. Using the device is a pretty simple and straightforward process once you have these rules down. You have to download the iOS or Android version of the Acer Smart Plug app to begin using it.

You can enjoy several language option with the smart plug other than English. Apart from that, you can use the remote control ability of the device to turn the home appliance on and off even if you are nowhere near them. Acer has also incorporated a timing feature for the convenience and safety of the Smart Plug users and it also helps in energy conservation. The settings on the app can be used for turning a specific device on or off with ease. The option of historical tracking is also a major benefit.

Watch over your Home with Acer Smart Plug

This is because it monitors the fluctuations in energy levels and you can compare your real time and historical power consumption for a day, week or even a month. This gives you the opportunity of controlling your electric charge for every device and the app can do the calculation of how much money has been spent. In this way, you can figure out how much can be saved. The Acer Smart Plug is resistant to high temperature and available with a one year warranty and has a unique security key for keeping the network safe from outside intrusions.  For more details, see Acer Air Monitor Official site.

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