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Why Use Flyer and Door Hanger Distribution for Marketing

Why Use Flyer and Door Hanger Distribution for Marketing

Door hanger and flyer distribution are some direct marketing methods that are often overlooked by businesses nowadays. With the huge array of online marketing methods available, most don’t realize these two can be quite effective for both startups and already established businesses and don’t even cost that much. In addition, businesses that deal directly with consumers instead of giving out their products to third parties will greatly benefit from door hanger distribution and the use of flyers. As they are a form of direct marketing, businesses can use them for promoting their name and offerings to specific areas and take advantage of the rewards they offer.

If you are wondering why flyer distribution and door hanger distribution is a good idea, here are some great reasons to convince you:

Reason 1: Simple and straightforward

The most basic advantage that every business can enjoy with door hangers and flyers is that they are easy to understand, very simple and quite straightforward in what they want to say. Since they are a type of direct marketing, door hangers and flyers are in no way ambiguous and you don’t need to take other steps for defining their purpose as they are quite self-explanatory. They are to the point and this is something that also appeals to customers who don’t want to waste their time.

Reason 2: Comparatively cheap

As they are quite cheap as opposed to other offline and even online marketing methods, door hangers and flyers are an excellent marketing tool for startups as well as locally established businesses. Companies that don’t have a lot of resources, but wish to market their products and services effectively can get flyers and door hangers printed in bulk at a very low cost.

Reason 3: Easy visibility

Flyers and door hanger distribution is able to offer you an edge over your competitors because they can be seen easily. In the case of door hangers, it is not possible to overlook them because they are right at the door. Businesses can put them up not only in their stores, but also get them distributed in neighborhoods with potential customers. As far as flyers are concerned, as long as they are handed out directly in the hands of people, it is a given they will be read and not thrown away immediately.

Reason 4: Targeted marketing

Another reason why door hanger and flyer distribution can be regarded as the ideal form of marketing is that they can enable targeted marketing. If you want to reach a specific community or audience, there is no better way of doing so. Local-based businesses can participate in direct marketing through face-to-face interactions or through flyers and door hangers distributed at everyone’s doors. Tracking the success of this form of marketing is also easy when a specific area is being targeted as you can check the number of leads generated.

Apart from these reasons, it should also be remembered that flyer and door hanger distribution is easy to conduct as there are not a lot of technicalities involved.

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