Cannabis Isn’t Just About Getting High – Here’s Why

Cannabis Isn’t Just About Getting High – Here’s Why

Cannabis is the most widely used recreational drug in the world. However, the cannabis plant itself is far more than just a tool for getting high. Its uses extend to all sorts of different things.

As more and more uses for cannabis are being discovered, it’s becoming much more widely recognised by governments and regulators across the globe. Medicinal cannabis has already been legalized across many states in America, and laws are also being looked at in the UK as well. Hemp, one of the most widely used species of cannabis plant, can be found in everything from paper, textiles, clothing or paint to insulation, bio-fuel, food, and animal feed.

Medicinal use (Hemp & CBD oil)

Certain strains of cannabis plant such as hemp are often used in medicines. Unlike marijuana, hemp contains very little THC which means that it doesn’t have any psychoactive properties. This makes it much more suited for use in medicines and supplements. CBD oil, which is made using hemp, is said to have all kinds of health properties. It is a powerful antibacterial as well as a pain relieving anti-inflammatory. It is also thought to to help with anxiety and depression. There are dozens of potential health benefits of CBD just being discovered, it is a real contender to be the most effective alternative medicine out there.

Cannabis as a source of energy

With everyone searching for a new source of sustainable fuel, cannabis could prove to be a surprising solution. It is believed that Cannabis, along with plants such as corn, can also be used in the creation of bio-fuels helping to power cars and generators. Researchers at the University of Connecticut believe cannabis could be a viable energy source within the very near future and that due to the amount of industrial hemp already being grown it wouldn’t take a huge amount of investment to fund a cannabis bio-fuel industry.

According to a team of researchers at the University of Alberta, cannabis may even be used to power batteries within the next few years. Studies into the use of Hemp fibres to create nanosheets have shown that hemp is a much cheaper alternative to graphene, the material currently being used as a supercapicitor to power batteries.

The use of cannabis in building materials

Perhaps the most surprising use of cannabis is that it can be used in the construction of buildings. Hemp can be fashioned into materials resembling wood, plastic, and even concrete like materials. These hemp made products are used in everything from  fiberboard to roofing tiles, insulation, paneling and bricks. Hempcrete as it is known, is becoming a very important concrete substitute due to being easier to work with than traditional lime mixes. It also lacks the brittleness of traditional concrete which means it does not need expansion joints.

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