Natural Ways to Get Better Sleep

Natural Ways to Get Better Sleep

Statistics reveal that there is a huge number of people out there who sleep for less than six hours a night. This is definitely not good news because not getting adequate sleep can lead to a major disaster. Sleeping properly leads to less stress, promotes better heart health and can also contribute to weight loss and improved memory. You need at least seven to eight hours of quality shut-eye on a daily basis to be productive and healthy, but this is easier said than done.

Listed below are some natural ways that you can use to get better sleep and avoid major health issues:

Develop a sleeping routine

Sure, it is tempting, but sleeping until noon on a weekend is going to disrupt your biological clock and will create more sleep issues. But, if you go to bed at the same time every night, even on holidays or weekends, you will be able to establish your internal wake/sleep clock and reduce the mandatory tossing and turning you otherwise experience for falling asleep.

It is time to move it

Research revealed that sedentary adults who incorporated some aerobic exercise four times on a weekly basis were able to see an improvement in their sleep quality. In addition, doing so also reduced depressive symptoms, caused less sleepiness in the daytime and made them become more vital. However, this is only possible if the workout is done in the morning or at least a couple of hours before bedtime so you are not too revved up.

Make changes to your diet

Any food and drinks and that contain caffeine such as tea, coffee, soft drinks and chocolates should not be consumed after mid-afternoon. The lightest meal of the day should be dinner and you should have it at least a couple of hours before you go to bed. Heavy and spicy foods in dinner are not recommended because they keep you awake with indigestion or heartburn.

Say no to smoking

A study has disclosed that smokers are four times more likely not to get quality full night’s sleep as opposed to those who don’t smoke. Nicotine has a stimulating effect, which can make it difficult for the smoker to fall asleep. Furthermore, smoking is also known to exacerbate sleeping disorders like sleep apnea and even breathing disorders like asthma. This can make it immensely difficult for people to get restful sleep.

Make your bed inviting

You should ensure that you like being in bed, which means getting a comfortable and good mattress, soft and nice pillows and an appropriate blanket as all of these will promote better sleep. Read this review of Nectar Mattress by Memory Foam Doctor; it’s a good one.

A nightcap is not a good idea

Yes, you might be tempted to have a martini as you believe it can help you in dozing off. Initially, it is going to do the job, but eventually its effects are going to wear off. What then? You will be awake and find it difficult to fall back asleep. This is because alcohol disrupts your sleeping pattern as well as the brainwaves that aid you in feeling refreshed in the morning.


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