Know How Organizations are Achieving Health and Safety Program Goals

Know How Organizations are Achieving Health and Safety Program Goals

One of the most critical factors that differentiate high performance companies from all others in the pack relates to the overall commitment and effective involvement of the management in attaining the company’s pursuits. Be it operations, human resources, supply chain, marketing, health and safety, or any other department, there is very little that can take place if the leadership and direction provided by managers lacks in any way. Here, we take a look at how managerial goals in terms of health and safety go a long way and achieving the end results of these programs.

In this context, the company management would comprise of those individuals who are posted as senior manager(s), enjoy supervisory positions, or serve as middle level managers. They are responsible for instructing, directing and controlling the priorities of other workers in their engagements and performance of duties. As far as the aspect of occupational or workplace health and safety of a company is concerned, management system audit and root cause analysis tools are needed for arriving at leadership deficiencies. These deficiencies may lead to several organizational problems that may in turn cause damage to an organization’s properties and injuries of workers.

To alleviate these concerns, there are some interesting ways of achieving and demonstrating management commitment and involvement.

  1. Health and Safety Policies are finding their way to the vision and mission statements of large and small sized companies. They demonstrate the key values of the organization. These policies showcase that those linked with the company are dedicated towards attaining the health and safety of all stakeholders and adapt to all governing rules.
  2. The responsibilities connected with health and safety in an organization encompasses most activities that may lead to accidents, optimal performance or failure to deliver.  These responsibilities are helpful in turning policies into executable programs, and advising the management with plans to determine which employee does what, how, why, when and where in terms of all actions related to health and safety policies.
  3. Most successful companies have included the factor of accountability in translating their policies related to health and safety into success. In other words, they have laid down certain ground rules to assess the people that are answerable, and what others are expected to do- and in no uncertain terms. These factors for accountability are good checkpoints to ensure that all the responsibilities are executed as and when expected.

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