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Some of the Best Features of iPhone 7 That You Should Know

Some of the Best Features of iPhone 7 That You Should Know

Announced on September 7, 2016, the iPhone 7 is Apple Inc.’s current flagship smartphone. It succeeded the iPhone 6 and while it didn’t showcase the drastic changes as seen in its predecessor, it is still a gorgeous and stylish phone. The changes the company made this time around were quite subtle and yet powerful at the same time and have made a considerable difference in the phone’s performance. There are some notable features that help the iPhone 7 stand out of the crowd and help it excel:


Sure, the iPhone 7 does look exactly like its predecessor from afar, but the design has undergone a horde of improvements. First, the iPhone maker decided to redesign the antennas so they don’t look so offensive. Secondly, the camera bump has also been changed and is now made from the same aluminum as the rest of the housing, which gives the phone a more smooth and seamless feel and look.


The new A10 Fusion SoC powers the iPhone 7. This is a 64-bit quad-core chipset and comprises of two high-performance cores, which are around 40% faster than the ones found in the A9 chipset. There are also two high-efficiency cores and they are able to give your phone a better battery life as they provide one-fifth more power. A new six-core GPU has also been incorporated and this is 50% faster than the old chipset. Moreover, it also consumes two-thirds less power than the A9 chipset included before. Apple called it the most powerful chipset to be put in a smartphone.


The Retina HD displays have been updated by Apple and the screens are 25% brighter as compared to the screens found on the previous iPhones. They still have 3D Touch and also boast enhanced color management. While the screens are great in performance, they still need an iPhone 7 tempered glass protector for keeping them encased and safe. You can find it here: best iPhone 7 glass screen protector.


One of the biggest issues that iPhone users face is the lack of storage in their smartphones, which made it difficult for them to download new apps or even update the software. Apple decided to fix this issue with the iPhone 7 as they eliminated the 16GB model and started them off from 32GB. They have also removed the 64GB model and switched to 128GB and 256GB models instead.


The camera is the feature that has been most enhanced in the iPhone 7 as the company has incorporated 6-element lens, optical image stabilization, new image signal processor, 7-megapixel front-facing camera, Quad-LED True Tone flash and a 60% faster and 30% more energy-efficient 12-megapixel sensor.


The battery life of the iPhone 7 has been given an upgrade and it can now last for 2 hours longer during daily use as opposed to the 6s. It will also conserve more battery and will give a better performance to the users.

These amazing features of the iPhone 7 have made it one of the top smartphones available in the market.


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