Trump’s Proposal for US-Mexico Border Wall Getting Funnier and More Dramatic

Trump’s Proposal for US-Mexico Border Wall Getting Funnier and More Dramatic

When Trump started his presidential campaign, he had a lot of controversial topics to talk about. Almost everything he talked about was controversial, but funny at the same time. He said he won’t let Muslims enter the country and build a wall on the US and Mexico border to stop the smuggling and other illegal activities.

The ideas were so funny for the public that they turned into memes on the internet. However, Trump won the elections, is now the president of the US and it seems he has not forgotten about the wall after all. However, the idea has been taking many dramatic turns since he has occupied the seat in the office.

There is no a new turn to the proposal and Donald Trump is trying to take credit for giving an ingenious idea, which many believe is not his idea. Donald Trump just said recently during an Iowa rally that he proposes to have solar panels planted on top of the wall. He said that putting solar panels on the wall is going to create a way to provide energy to people and use that money to cover the costs of the wall itself.

After proposing the idea Trump gestured at the public and asked them if they liked his idea. He then praised himself and his brains for thinking such an amazing idea. After boasting for a few seconds he finally exclaimed the words where he said this was his idea.

However, this is not his idea at all. There was a proposal that had come to the Department of Homeland Security in the month of April. It was in this proposal that solar panels were suggested to produce energy for the lights that will be mounted on the border and the patrol stations as well.

The man behind the original idea was Thomas Gleason, who had further added to his proposal the idea of obtaining money from the solar energy by selling it to the neighboring country. On the other hand, Mr. Trump had introduced his idea during the rally as his own idea. He said to the public that the border gets a lot of sunlight so solar panels will be great.

He then talked about something that has been annoying the neighbors since the inception of this idea. He said that Mexico will have to pay very less contribution to build the wall once the solar panels are up. He then made one of his own points clear by saying that if the wall was built higher, it would be even better for both countries.

When Trump had proposed the idea of the wall for the first time, he had since been saying that he will push Mexico into paying for the wall. At that time the cost of the wall had been estimated to something close to $21 billion. On the other hand, the president of Mexico, Enrique Pena, has clarified during an appearance on TV that Trump could say all he wanted but that Trump could never force or request Mexico to pay for the wall.

He said in clear words that Mexico was not going to spend a peso on building a wall that was being proposed against their interests.

It is also worth mentioning here that no funding has been arranged so far by the congress for this project. In fact, the proposal will be debated between the two parties during the last quarter of the year. Trump seems desperate with his proposal as he has been taking U-turns on the matter too. At one point, he had proposed that American taxpayers pay for the wall and that he will get their money back later from Mexico.

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