Different Ways to Use Emojis in the Classroom

Different Ways to Use Emojis in the Classroom

These days, students absolutely love emojis. All you have to do is check their phone or even text them a couple of times and you will know. It has become almost second nature to use them in conversations and they don’t even give it a thought when doing so. An emoji keyboard is inherent in all devices, whether it is a smartphone or tablet. In fact, you can also download an emoji keyboard for your laptop if you want. Everything is possible today. Yes, emojis are primarily used for communicating in messaging apps or through texts, but teachers can actually use them in classrooms as well to add a modern touch to the standard way of education.

In fact, emojis can go a long way in engaging students and aid them in learning in a better way. A number of teachers have used them successfully without distracting their students. How can it be done? Read on to find the different ways to use emojis in the classroom:

Emoji Starter

If you want to hook your students into a story and get them excited, you can use emojis as starters. Use emojis to indicate characters or events in the story and get your students to figure them out. Students will be able to make links between the subject content and emojis and link them to lesson outcomes. Thus, it can be one of the best ways to get your students thinking and make sure they stay awake in the class.


The emojis on an emoji keyboard represent emotions and words. You can introduce important words to your students by using the emoji representing the word. Let the students make the connection on their own. You can also use them to get students to brainstorm. For instance, the emoji of a crown can refer to queen, royalty, princess, monarch etc. Let the children throw in their ideas.

Think and Link

You can also use emojis to improve the thinking skills of your students. Give them a series of emojis from the emoji keyboard and they have to explain how each of them is connected to a specific topic. This is an excellent way of getting your students to remember facts about a topic, especially if they find it difficult to do so.

Emoji Quizzes

Every time the teacher announced there would be a quiz, all students would automatically express their distaste with groans and moans. Do you want your students to be excited for a quiz? You can accomplish that by introducing the concept of emoji quizzes. You can use emojis for an odd one out quiz where they have to highlight the odd emoji and why it is out of place. You can also give them a couple of emojis from the emoji keyboard and tell them to form a topic with it that’s relevant to their syllabus.

These are some great and effective ways of using emojis in the classroom that can make learning fun and memorable for teachers and students alike.

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