Communication Security Redefined By CipherBoard

Communication Security Redefined By CipherBoard

What if you could finally find a way to enjoy secure and reliable communication…in any application you wish to use? Have you ever been concerned about communication security? This post is for you; continue reading.

Be introduced to CipherBoard! This innovative keyboard features intuitive end-to-end encryption technology, which will work seamlessly with any app you use.

It brings in the most used and sought-after features you would expect from the best keyboards out there, including word prediction algorithms, auto-correct or emojis. However, CipherBoard has a few secret tricks up its sleeves, including the ability to send encrypted messages to send content and communicate as securely as possible.

Companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter or even Samsung, WhatsApp and Gmail, just to mention a few, struggle with communication security breaches on a daily basis. The reality is that there is very little these companies can do once your information leaves your device. Without proper safety precautions, your data are out there, up for grabs at the mercy of some invasive advertiser, or worse!

Users, with CipherBoard, no longer have to worry about communication safety, and loss of personal data or sensitive information.

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