Comey to be Questioned about Trump’s Role in Russia Probe

Comey to be Questioned about Trump’s Role in Russia Probe

James Comey, the former FBI Director, will be questioned about whether President Donald Trump tried to get him to put a stop on the investigation into the alleged ties between Russia and the Trump campaign. This was the information provided on Sunday by key U.S. Senators just before Comey is to make his testimony on Capitol Hill this week. Last month, Comey was fired by President Trump when he was only four years in in his 10-year term. He had been heading the probe of the Federal Bureau of Investigation into alleged meddling by the Russians in the US presidential elections conducted last year.

His firing sparked accusations that Comey had been removed by Trump for hindering the investigation and stifling questions about a possible collusion between Russia and his campaign. The Senate Intelligence Committee’s top Democrat, Senator Mark Warner said that he wants to know the number of conversations Comey had with Trump on this topic and if any kind of pressure, both appropriate and inappropriate was applied. The intelligence committee has been conducting its own investigation related to Russia and the former FBI chief will be called for his testimony on Thursday.

When Comey had been dismissed, it had been reported in the news that back in February, during a meeting at the Oval Office, Trump had asked Comey to put an end to the probe into Michael Flynn. This was just after the day the former national security adviser had been fired for misrepresenting his connection with the Russian ambassador. The New York Times reported this account first, which had been based on a memo written after the meeting by Comey. Capitol Hill had been alarmed by his memo and had raised questions about Trump’s intention to interfere with a federal investigation.

Warner said that if it turns out that Trump did ask FBI Director Comey to end the probe, then it would be unthinkable. In January, it was concluded by US intelligence agencies that Moscow had tried to influence the November vote in favor of Donald Trump. However, involvement has been denied by Russia and Trump has also rejected the possibility of collusion between his campaign and Russia. Vladimir Putin, the Russian president said that he didn’t have a relationship with Flynn and only spoke with him briefly in 2015 when he sat next to him at a dinner for Russian TV network RT.

Another member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Republican senator Susan Collins said that she wanted to question Comey to find out more information about Trump’s allegation that he had been told three times by the FBI director about not being under investigation. She said that it was important to hear what Mr. Comey had to say directly. She added that the exact words, tone and the context is essential to understand, which can only be done directly. The investigation about the ties between his campaign and Russia have been called a ‘witch hunt’ by President Trump, one that’s aimed at undermining the legitimacy of his victory.

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