4 Reasons Why Your Company Needs Web Based Learning

4 Reasons Why Your Company Needs Web Based Learning

A good company invests not only in machinery and equipment but also in its people. You may have hired the brightest graduates from top universities but this is not enough. As an employer, you then need to invest in training your employees and keeping their skills up to date. Earlier this was done through workshops, training modules and face to face interactions. However, today, very few employees have the time for such forms of classroom learning and hence many companies have begun to implement eLearning or online training modules. Web based learning is advantageous to both the employer and the employees.

It is Cost Effective

Classroom learning is expensive in a number of ways- you need to pay for the venue, travel costs for speakers, learning material, catering etc. Also, every time your course is updated, you need to print new material and the old material is simply wasted. On the other hand, all the material needed for eLearning is available online and can be easily updated thus saving you printing costs and time. An online training module gives your employees access to leaders in the training space from across the country without any travel or hotel stay costs.

It is Flexible

Do you know how much energy is spent gathering people together for a workshop? Unlike classroom sessions, your employees are not restricted to when and where they can access an online training module. As long as your employee has an internet connection, he or she can participate in the course from their homes or office space. Thus if they are busy on one day and cannot access the module for that day, they do not miss out on anything as they can access it later. This also makes each participant more independent and allows him or her to go through the course at their own speed. To find out more on how online courses can be personalized to employee requirements, check this website.

It makes information easy to access

Whether you give your employees printed handouts or expect them to make their own notes, there is always the chance an employee may lose their notes. In the case of hand written notes, an employee may also miss out on a few things or be in such a hurry to write that they cannot understand their own handwriting. Online training makes paper completely unnecessary. Here, all the documents are stored online and an employee can access them at any time. In addition, this helps lower your company’s carbon footprint.

It is easily scalable

Classroom modules are planned with the audience size in mind. Thus if you have 100 employees and have designed a module for 10 people, you will need to run the module ten times. However, the same eLearning module can be accessed by 10, 50 or even a hundred people at the same time without any additional costs or infrastructure requirements. It also ensures that all the participants receive the same information and that your message is conveyed in a consistent manner.

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