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Clinton Blames Russian Hackers and Comey’s Letter for Her Defeat

Clinton Blames Russian Hackers and Comey’s Letter for Her Defeat

On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton stated that she had been on the road to victory in the 2016 presidential campaign until some potential supporters were scared off the late interference of FBI Directors James Comey and Russian hackers. Speaking at a New York Conference, Clinton said that her campaign had been derailed by the letter sent by Comey on October 28, which informed the Congress that the probe into her private email server had been opened up by the FBI. She also said that Wikileaks release of emails of John Podesta, her campaign’s chairman, which had been allegedly stolen by Russian hackers, was also responsible.

By far, these are the most extensive public comments that the Democratic presidential candidate has made about the November 8th elections. She said that she would have been the president now if the elections had been held on October 27th. Speaking of the loss of the White House to Republican candidate Donald Trump, she said that even though her campaign hadn’t been perfect, she was on the path to victory before a combination of Russian Wikileaks and Comey’s letter brought about her downfall. She said that the events of the last 10 days of the campaign eventually led to her loss.

According to Clinton, she is currently going through the ‘painful process’ of writing a book that partly deals with the election. She said that her defeat was also caused by misogyny and she held herself personally responsible for the mistakes in the campaign. Clinton also praised her staff and didn’t question her strategy. She said that she had been the candidate and it had been her name on the ballot so she was perfectly aware of the pitfalls, challenges and shortcomings. The Democratic candidate also said that she was sure that the elections had been influenced in favor of Donald Trump by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

She alleged that he had interfered in the US election and his aim had been to ensure Donald Trump’s victory. She also directed some criticism towards the new president and said his focus should be on his job rather than sending out tweets. Clinton said that she fully intended to be an active citizen and would participate in public affairs by being a part of the resistance. Clinton also shared her opinion on foreign policy and stated that broader negotiations with China and other countries were essential for convincing North Korea to bring an end to its nuclear program.

Speaking on this matter, she criticized the recent suggestion made by President Donald Trump, who had said that he would meet Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, as long as the circumstances were right. She said that the key to bringing the country to the negotiating table was to put pressure on them and that could only be done if the United States establishes a broader framework that comprises of the support of Japan, China, Russia and also South Korea, in order to reduce the threat of a nuclear attack.

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