24 Hours in New York: Top 3 Places to Visit in 24 Hours by Guy Galboiz


Visiting New York can be a genius move, however visiting in just 24 hours can be very challenging. The reason is simple, there is so much cool stuff to see and so many interesting locations that you will find it really hard to cover everything. So, which are the best places in New York that you should consider visiting right away, even if you are in town for just 24 hours?

Central Park

Few places in NYC are more iconic than this. Plus, from here you can easily get to the Dakota Building and many other important, even iconic buildings in the city. Taking a stroll in the park can be quite a bit of fun and there’s a lot of excitement to be had in here, that’s for sure. The value is there for sure and the quality you receive is a rather interesting and unique one. Plus, here you can find the Angel of Waters statue that’s amazing for photos. You may want to visit the Conservatory Water and the Museum of Art afterwards, as they are in the neighborhood and you can see quite a lot of stuff there as well.

Grand Central Terminal and the New York Library

They are close to one another and they will impress you with their unique architecture. You can easily see them without spending a lot of time and let’s face it, these are must-see, iconic places that you will certainly want to check out. They are interesting from a visual standpoint and the value is indeed there. You should totally check them out right away, as you will be rather impressed with everything.

East and west village

Why should you go here during the evening? Because this place is filled with tons of interesting options for nightlife, so you should totally check it out. You can find the Blue Note and Village Vanguard here, not to mention that you also have some other options like the Beauty and Essex, as well as many others. The possibilities are indeed limitless here, you just need to make the right pick and you will not be disappointed. Overall, you will see that visiting the city can be an incredible experience, so just check it out

Yes, there are so many things to see in NYC that it can be very hard to do that just in a single day. These are great places that don’t have any admission fees and you can easily access them without a problem. You will be very impressed with these experiences for sure, as Guy Galboiz recommends,  and in the end it’s just an incredible place to check out for sure. If you are a newcomer to NYC, you may want to give them a shot. Plus, these are great places to visit other locales in the region. They are found in different areas of the city, so you can easily get from one place to another relatively fast and with little to no effort.

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