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How to Make your Home Fireproof

How to Make your Home Fireproof

Statistics indicate that one of the most common causes of death, particularly in residential areas, are fire breakouts. Houses in remote areas are at very high risk. It is also a fact that death from fire and fire breakouts are definitely not a natural calamity and it is the people who are mostly responsible for them. According to estimates, nearly 38% of the fire breakouts or incidents that occur in residential areas are because of sheer negligence. Therefore, it is essential for you to make your house fireproof. People choose to install everything with a fireproof label and consider their job done.

But, the fact is that while you cannot make your house completely fireproof, there are some basics you have to understand about how fire breaks out and how you can prevent it from happening. Here are some great ways to make your home fireproof and ensure the safety of your family:

Always check your electrical appliances

Factors like an electrical short circuit are often considered the first and foremost causes of fire breakouts in homes. Someone might forget to unplug a device or turn off an electrical appliance, which can lead to disastrous consequences. It is a good idea to install a home power monitoring system that monitors your electrical devices and alerts you if any are left on or draining power. For instance, Ecoisme.com is a great monitoring system for ensuring energy efficiency and safety purposes. Apart from that, you should check for any sparking plugs or foul smell that indicates burning wires.

Check for gas leakages

Gas leaks are also a leading cause of fire breakouts in homes. Everyone should have the habit of checking for gas leaks when they finish their kitchen chores. Don’t go to bed before taking a trip to the kitchen and checking for gas leaks as this is an excellent preventative measure you can take.

Position of lights

When night lights and bulbs are constantly touching curtains or drapes, they can ignite a fire, especially after prolonged contact. Therefore, you should always turn off lights when you are leaving a room. If they get too hot, they are going to lead to a fire breakout. Monitoring tools can aid you in checking that no lights are left on unnecessarily and alert you when the position is not optimal or there is any other issue. In addition, since you know if the lights are left on, you can turn them off thereby energy saving.

Fire extinguishers and smoke detectors

When you install smoke alarms and smoke detectors, you are safeguarding your home and your family. You should also keep a fire extinguisher handy so you are prepared to deal with fire if there is an accidental breakout.

Go for fire resistant carpeting

Synthetic and wool carpets burn easily and their size also causes the fire to spread fast. Go with fire resistant carpeting that can be found in attractive patterns and colors and it will enhance the décor of your home.

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