5 Extremely Useful Ways To Learn English

5 Extremely Useful Ways To Learn English

Learning a new language isn’t limited to studying from books as there are many ways that can be helpful to learn a new language like English. However, the only way you can improve your language skills is practice. Given that, referring to books only can be boring, there are several interactive and interesting learning methods that can be effectively helpful in both learning and improving your English language skills.

  1. Hire Native English Speaking Teachers:

It is believed that students are exposed to the authentic English language when learn the language from native speaking teachers. Several learning activities like interactive games help students learn how to speak like native speakers. Usually, learning sessions from authentic English teachers also teaches the most appropriate use of slang as well as accents that enable students to get engaged​ in real and regular conversations in the way native English speakers do. Undoubtedly, with a native speaker teacher, students can learn English words and grammar in a natural way.  Moreover, they not only learn the proper use of phrases and words but also get the skills to pronounce them in exactly the way native speakers do.

  1. Chat Your Way to Better English:

Internet chatting is very popular especially among young generation. Chatting with others in English is one of the effective ways to practice your ​written skills in a natural and stress-free environment. This can be particularly good for those who are shy about speaking English because this will help them converse with others as an anonymous user online and build their confidence to eventually be ready for face-to-face conversation in the new language. Some interesting information in this regard is available here: Estudiar Ingles en Manchester

  1. Online Grammar Exercises:

The Internet has a number of websites that allow you to practice English grammar exercises. Most of them are interactive, and come with a variety of quizzes and exercises of English grammar. They also provide correction to what you answer with useful explanations. Furthermore, you can join an EFL community that allows you to access to volunteer EFL teachers ​to get the answer of all your grammar questions. Moreover, you can also become an active member of English language learners’ communities like which provides you the opportunity to communicate with other English learners.

  1. English Radio and Television

Understanding the accents of native English speakers tend to be the hardest part of learning the language to most students. However, listening to the English radio station or watching English news or movies can be a great listening practice for English language learners. Moreover, it can also help you learn new words and phrases. Though, you may get difficulty to understand the conversation of the characters or radio hosts, it will slowly and gradually sharpen your listening skills if you continue to do this practice.

  1. Podcasts

Podcasts can be a good source of sharpening your listening language skills. It can help you listen to what the speaker is talking about at your leisure time until you have fully understood the conversation or speech. Once you have downloaded podcasts, you can pause the audio clip and jot down new words or write notes about the subject being discussed in the audio. Usually, the podcasts come in 20 audio files, and contain full transcripts, cultural explanations, general notes, extra vocabulary, and comprehension exercises.

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