Trump Declares Clinton a Threat to the Country

Trump Declares Clinton a Threat to the Country

On Monday, Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump called his rival, Democratic presidential nominee, Hilary Clinton, a threat to the country. He said that if she won, her entire term in office would be shadowed by the email probe currently being conducted by the FBI. The latest polls have shown that Clinton’s lead has narrowed slightly due to the investigation. Speaking to a rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Trump said that the investigation would go on for years and would end up in a trial. He said that nothing would be accomplished and people in Michigan would continue to lose jobs.

It was stated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on Friday that they had discovered some new emails relating to Hilary Clinton’s use of a private email server when she was serving as Secretary of State during President Barrack Obama’s first term and is currently investigating them. Clinton reasserted on Monday that she was sure there would be nothing problematic in her emails and the FBI would reach the same conclusion they had before. Talking about the FBI investigation at a rally in Cincinnati, Ohio, she said that the previous investigation hadn’t even been a close call and this wouldn’t be either.

However, just eight days before the election, which is usually the time when candidates feel that the hard work is behind them, Trump and Clinton have intensified the attack on each other’s fitness for the White House and their characters. In recent weeks, Clinton had been riding high in the polls as Trump’s share had declined because a 2005 video was released of him in which he had bragged about groping women in vulgar terms. Now, Clinton has ended on the defensive due to the FBI probe and Trump is using this to his advantage by trying to convince people that her victory would lead to a constitutional crisis.

Clinton also continued to level attacks at her rival’s ability of controlling nuclear weapons. She said that she was running against a person who wants more countries to possess nuclear weapons and doesn’t understand why they are not used regularly. The former Secretary of State wondered whether he understood that millions of people would be killed if a single nuclear warhead is used. There is not much known about the emails under investigation other than the fact that they were discovered in an unrelated probe into the estranged husband of an aide of Clinton’s.

Members of the Congress were informed by FBI Director James Comey on Friday that the agency was investigating emails that may be connected to Clinton’s use of the private email server, but he also said that they were unaware of the significance of the new emails. Trump has referred to his competitor as ‘corrupt Hilary’ before as well and stated that the email probe was an excellent example of what a poor role model she would turn out to be. He was trying to turn the tables on Clinton who had assailed his character after his video was released.   

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