Sources Say FBI Revealed Clinton Emails to Avoid Leaks

Sources Say FBI Revealed Clinton Emails to Avoid Leaks

On Thursday, law enforcement sources revealed that FBI Director James Comey had decided to inform Congress that his agency was still investigating some newly discovered emails that were connected to Hilary Clinton because as he had partly been driven by a fear of leaks from within the FBI. These sources added that a team had been assembled in the Washington headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Investigation who were carrying out the examination of all email traffic under the best possible secrecy. The sources didn’t wish to be revealed due to the sensitivity of the inquiry.

Several sources also asserted that it remained unclear so far as to whether any further disclosures would be made by the FBI regarding their latest review before the congressional and presidential elections on Tuesday. Most of them believe that such disclosures are highly unlikely. Currently in touch with top investigators, another source said that it all depends on what is discovered in the emails. As of Thursday, no one is aware of whether any public disclosures will be made by the FBI or not. The disclosure made by the FBI Director last Friday came as a bombshell for the U.S. Presidential campaign.

Just days before the election, James Comey informed Congress about their investigation, which raised suspicious about the director’s motive and his timing of doing so also came under heavy criticism. It was disclosed by the Director that the FBI was reviewing mails as part of an investigation into the use of a private email server by Hilary Clinton during her time as Secretary of State. However, he didn’t provide details about the content of the email nor did he say how long the probe would last. Normally, the FBI does not give any comments regarding ongoing inquiries. One source familiar with the matter said that they were working on the latest email proble expeditiously.

The FBI investigators had not been investigating Clinton when they found the emails. In fact, they turned up in a different probe altogether, which was an examination of the electronic devices under the use of former Democratic Representative Anthony Weiner who had been connected to an alleged ‘sexting’ scandal. Huma Abedin, the estranged wife of Weiner, is a confidante to Hilary Clinton. The New York Field Office of the FBI had initially discovered the emails and two law enforcement sources close to it said that there was a faction of the office with hostile feelings towards Hilary Clinton. The FBI New York Office said that they weren’t aware of any such faction.

According to Democratic Party sources, the existence of such a faction was most likely responsible for the recent increase in media leaks of the alleged details of an FBI probe into the Clinton Foundation. Some preliminary inquiries have been made by the FBI into the activities of The Clinton Foundation and the alleged contacts between Trump and Russian associates. However, these inquiries had been shifted to low priority a long while ago as the FBI didn’t wish to have any influence on the upcoming presidential elections.      

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