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Protests On Streets In The US Against Trump

Protests On Streets In The US Against Trump

It seems as though Donald Trump is a magnet of controversies. While he has been a big controversial personality in the US and internationally in the last couple of years, he has managed to win 2016 elections in the US beating Hillary Clinton. To a huge number of Americans, Trump’s victory came off as a shock. Even the TV reporters were not ready to break the news as Trump’s victory. While the state of shock could be felt across the country through TV channels and various social media posts, no one had thought the American people will be protesting against their newly elected president.

Thousands of Americans were found on the streets protesting against the president-elect – something that rest of the countries of the world could not have expected. People who came to the streets did so because they thought Trump will be a big blow to the stability of the country as many of his beliefs are against the current laws and culture of the country. Portland, Oregon protest was one of the biggest protests against the newly announced president. Portland Police is now dealing with all anti-president protests as riots as they believe most of the protests are turning into violent protests.

Vandalism became the new challenge for Portland police as they continued to deal with the protestors. These protests did not only cause confrontation between the protestors and the police but also between protestors and the people who were against these protests. Numerous videos were shared on social media with altercations between the protestors and anti-protestors. The police throughout the country also stated that many of the protestors were carrying bats and other tools that gave an impression that they were ready for vandalizing. Police also said that such violent protestors kept moving the rest of the people out of their way as they marched on.

In every protest the main slogan was that the protestors did not accept the new president. Places where most of the protests took place include New York, San Francisco, California, Philadelphia, Oakland, Baltimore, Washington etc. Two of the buildings that belong to Trump were specially protected with the use of barricades and barriers. These two buildings were Trump Tower and Pennsylvania Avenue hotel. Most of the protests, according to the police, had people only in hundreds. There were only a few protests with more than a thousand people in them.

Protestors in Los Angeles were able to block the traffic for some time. Similar events were reported in Minneapolis too. However, all of these protests were handled successfully by the police. Protestors were pretty successful in Oregon where they were able to hinder the Interstate 25 highway. The highway was blocked for only some time and then it was free again. All the protestors were of the view that they did not agree with the views of Trump. They thought Trump was a threat to many minorities in the country including Mexicans and Muslims. LGBTQ groups were strictly against Trump.

Another reason why people stood against Trump was that campaigns like Ku Klux Klan had furnished their support for the president-elect. Most campaigns and groups in the country, which are considered the supporters of white supremacy, have been found supporting Donald Trump.

These protests finally heated Trump’s mind enough to cause him to come to social media and say something about them. The word used by Trump to describe the protests was “unfair”. Trump was very open in saying that the protestors were not real protestors but professional protestors. He said that the elections were held transparently and there was no need for the protests. He said that these protestors were nothing but people bought by media to protest against him. The acceptance speech of Trump was a surprise for the nation as he seemed very calm and peaceful in it.

In his recent statements he has clarified on the point that he wants to be a president for the whole nation and not just for a particular group. One of the biggest Trump Supporters, namely Rudy Giuliani, called the protestors crybabies. He is a former mayor of New York and he said these words while talking to Fox News.

Texas State University also became a big center of attention when its students started protesting against the newly elected president at their campus. One threatening report came from the police when it stated that some minority groups were being attacked by people. It was said in the report that the people who attacked the minority groups were Trump supporters. At the same time, people who were protesting against Trump were not ready to accept anything in his favor. In some instances, they attacked and assaulted people who were carrying signs in support of the new president.

Many of these protests were organized on social media. People created special groups and used specific hashtags to form groups to protest against Donald Trump. Many of the protests are still being planned on social media. It has to be kept in mind that Donald Trump will take control of the office in January. Some renowned faces on social media are planning a huge protest against the new president on the day when he will take control of the office i.e. January 20. The response from the rest of the world has been mixed with some supporting Trump and others supporting the protests against him.

Trump supporters are openly criticizing all the efforts of the protestors. On various occasions they said the protestors were not only causing turmoil in the country but they were also not giving respect to democracy. Why such a huge crowd has come on the roads and in the streets is maybe because of how the voting ended for the elections. Just on Thursday, Hillary Clinton was still leading in the vote count but only by 0.2 percent votes. After final counting was done, the news was broken on TV as a big shock for many media personalities and YouTube celebrities too.

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