Hillary Is Not Happy With Comey For His Last Minute Actions

Hillary Is Not Happy With Comey For His Last Minute Actions

There is no surprise that the American nation was met with a shock when it was announced that the new president-elect was not Hillary but Donald Trump. No one could have been more shocked with these results than Hillary. However, Hillary believes that her loss has not come from her lack of abilities or bad campaigning from her team. She believes that the actual person to be blamed for her loss is James Comey, the director of FBI. Hillary made these claims when she made a call to multiple people who were funding her campaign in the elections.

The shock was real for the nation and Hillary’s team as the public opinion polls were clearly suggesting that she was the stronger candidate and Trump had no chance of winning. It was not a surprise when Trump won and a great number of people took it to streets to protest against him. They carried signs and chanted slogans according to which they did not want Trump to be there president. Many conflicts between the supporters of Trump and the anti-Trump protestors were also resolved by the police. Police also informed that many of the protests were violent in nature.

Trump’s take on the protests and protestors was again pretty interesting as he called them all professional protestors. According to him, these protestors were not real and only people paid by media to protest against him.

Hillary has not been very active on the scene since she delivered the speech of concession. According to Hillary, her team was already working on a memo in which they were recording the movements of the polls. She said that change in the direction of polls was noticed toward the end. The main turning point, according to her, was when Comey brought the case of her emails to the public once again. Comey dug into the case of Hillary’s email server issue and brought it to public only during the last days of when elections were about to be held. Hillary believes that the reinvestigation of those emails gave a big blow to her support in the upper Midwest areas.

Since the middle of 1980s, Clintons have never lost their support in the state of Wisconsin. However, this year was a shock after several decades when Hillary could not win from Wisconsin too. In a similar way, Michigan is another state where Clintons have been the biggest force for nearly 3 decades. However, the recent statistics show that Republicans might be coming out as victorious in that state too.

As per Hillary, the turning point of all the events for her was when Comey decided he should be sending a letter to Congress talking about reopening the case of Hillary’s emails. This particular case revolves around how Clinton was wrongfully using a private server to mishandle sensitive and classified information. She made this huge error from 2009 to 2012 when she was serving as the secretary of state.

The case had not only been reopened but it was also brought to the public eye at a time when even one hurdle could have proved to be many for Hillary. This is exactly what happened and the public opinion polls started to see a huge shift. A few days after bringing this case to the public, Comey also stated that Hillary needed not to be prosecuted for the emails according to his recent findings. However, by the time of this announcement, a huge blow had been taken at her campaigning.

Hillary believes that Trump had already taken advantage of the situation after the announcement from Comey. She said that Trump continued to attack her and erode her political image using the email case. Hillary believes that even the second letter that held Hillary completely innocent in the case proved to be a big damage to her image. She thought the second letter made the public believe that the system was playing for her and favoring her in some way.

A memo from Hillary’s campaign spoke the truth about the damage. According to this report, majority of the voters who made the decision of voting during the last week took the decision of voting for Trump. Hillary thinks that this particular trend and shift of voter’s sympathies was a result of Comey’s letters.

These comments have been made during a call to funders from Hillary and there were two participants who heard the call who have disclosed this information. No word has come from FBI about the allegations made by Hillary.

On the other side, Trump is actively moving forward and getting ready to take the office seat in January. Information has arrived from Trump’s team that they will announce their new chief of staff very soon. The candidates that will be competing for this seat are Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus, the CEO of campaign the republican National Committee Chairman respectively.

Conway, who has been managing the campaign for Trump, has said that very soon the new president-elect will take a tour of the country as a victory tour. It is also reported that Trump will make a speech very soon talking to the whole nation about his upcoming plans. He will take his seat in the office as a president at the start of 2017 on January 20.

Donald Trump wants to let the media talk to him and is ready to answer any questions they may have. He also talked about his Twitter account on CBS, saying that he has no plans of quitting that account and not using it though he said he will not use this account as aggressively and frequently as he has been using it.

Trump used the word “restrained” to explain how wishes to use his Twitter account in the coming times.

The response from the public on accusations from Hillary has been mixed. Most believe that she is only blaming others for her loss and she should actually act big and concede that Trump was a better candidate in the campaign.

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