Guide on How to Capture Actions on Screen with Movavi Screen Capture

Guide on How to Capture Actions on Screen with Movavi Screen Capture

Movavi Screen Capture is a versatile screen recorder software that can be used to record your computer screen for any purpose. You can use Movavi Screen Capture to create a level by level game walkthrough by showing yourself playing the game live in real time. If you are trying to sell a product, you can create a screencast that showcase what each feature is for and how to operate it. You can use Movavi Screen Capture to record the full length movie if you have an online movie subscription account but seldom have time to watch the movies. Educators can use Movavi Screen Capture to record a narrated tutorial on various types of subjects.

The control panel contains all the features you need for configuring your screencast. On the control panel, you can see the orange Rec button prominently displayed. The recording frame needs some adjustments before you start recording. The Select Capture Area is where you resize the recording frame according to the size of the area you want to capture. If you can’t find a suitable resolution preset under the drop down menu, you can choose the custom option and enter your own resolution.

Guide on How to Capture Actions on Screen with Movavi Screen Capture

You can use the up and down arrow to enter the right resolution or manually type it in. For example, if you want to record a browser, you must make sure the outline of the rectangle frame matches the outline of the open browser that you want to record. You must configure the audio input once you get a right size for the recording frame. If you don’t want the screen recording to capture any sound from your speakers, you can just leave out in configuring the System Audio option. If you want to capture sound from the speakers, you must click on the speaker icon and drag the volume level up. Learn more about Movavi Screen Capture by visiting the homepage .

The microphone option should also be selected if you plan to talk while showcasing something on the screen in the screencast recording. If you are going to move your mouse a lot, you can configure the mouse highlight option so that the mouse cursor look bright. You get to choose the custom mouse cursor color. You can also add some click sound for the left and right mouse button so that your viewer know which mouse button you click in the screencast. It is recommended that you add the mouse button click sound if you are going to click a lot in the screencast recording.

You can select the keyboard shortcut button if you are going demonstrate some keyboard shortcuts. Before clicking the Rec button, you can take a glance on all the settings on the control panel to make sure that they are correct. During the screen recording, you don’t have to be careful about making sure everything is done right on the screen. If you perform a wrong action during the screen recording, you can just do it again until you get it right as the error clips can be removed via the video editor.

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