Are Virtual Machines Fading Away Due To Containers?

Are Virtual Machines Fading Away Due To Containers?

How containers became popular and how Docker polished the idea and made it practical for use for the biggest tech companies of the world makes it look as though virtual machines are going away pretty soon.

In order for you to deploy Docker into your system, you will need Docker Training. There are many different types of trainings available on Docker’s website for different individuals to get to know the basics of Docker and how to deploy it in datacenters. Despite all the fast shift to containers, it can be safely said that virtual machines are not going away very soon.

While containers offer many benefits over virtual machines, they are still in their initial stages. There are many aspects that need to be worked on before containers can fully replace virtual machines. Virtual machines came with the concept of virtualization and literally changed the way datacenters used to operate in the past. In addition to that, virtual machines were great for application and software developers because they could now build their applications on their computers using a virtual machine if certain dependencies of the application made it incompatible with the operating system they were using on their computers.

Take the example of Java programming where you write a program only once and then run it on any machine because of JVM that’s present on any platform to support your Java application. With containers, you build a software once and then send it packaged as a container to run on any machine. Now, your container application will run on a server within its own environment. The hardware of your server machine does not matter anymore as the container engine (you could say Docker engine) will manage hardware resources directly. The software will run smoothly even if changes are made to the platform where you are running the container.

You can have 5 to 6 times more containers on a server machine than you can have virtual machines. Virtual machines are “fat” in terms of the resources they use. So, since containers replace them perfectly the virtual machines should be out. That’s not the case at all. Virtual machines are running their own operating systems and this makes them safer than containers. Containers are all sharing their resources directly with host operating system and thus an extra layer of security is removed. Furthermore, you could even run containers on virtual machines.

Virtual machines are going to support containers and hence you can’t expect them to go away. If you have a Windows server and you want to run a Linux dependent application, you could load a virtual machine with Linux operating system on it. You can then run your container on that virtual machine. Microsoft actually talks about this particular type of Hyper-V Containers on its website. This gives you a clear idea that virtual machines are not going away that soon. Unless containers become safer in terms of security, virtual machines and containers will walk together for many years to come.

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