An Idea To Solve World Hunger

An Idea To Solve World Hunger

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about the issues facing us today as global citizens. Issues that seem far off and almost miraculous in solving. There’s war, disease, environmental issues, and of course poverty. As far as these go, one would think a miracle is needed. As far as miracles go to come to a solution, I think we should remember that miracles are often small and overlooked and the coming together of human beings as a global community is very attainable by today’s standards with national and social media helping us along the roads of awareness and communication on such issues. That being said, here’s my idea.

Solve world hunger with, you guessed it, wealth. Not such a strange idea right? Right, of course not. It’s in abundance.  If the athletes of the major world associations and leagues would get together individually or as a whole and start an initiative to donate small amounts of their greatly amassesd wealth, we, meaning these athletes and the upper, middle and lower classes could easily fix the problem of world hunger on our own with some organizational help. The MLBA, NHL, NBA, WNBA, NFL, CFL, and FIFA could set up organizations within themselves and together as a whole that would surely catch on nationally and globally. What youth wouldn’t go door to door raising funds in the name of his or her favorite sports stars for a good cause. Fans and non-sports fans alike would surely see these actions and join in what I think would be a global movement.

Safe to say that with all this donating from around the nations involved in sport, and those inclined to follow in the footsteps of these nations of athletic activity loving people, we would have raised enough money to tackle world hunger on a global scale. This though, would only be the beginning. The funds acquired from this initiative would put us well in the way of bringing food and supplies to the Hungary, but what then? Give a fish, eat for a day. Teach to fish, eat for a lifetime.  There are already ongoing endeavors by organizations helping in third world countries to educate the people to farm and work with what new means of survival we are sending them, in ways that they can use their own ingenuity and teachings from traditional standpoints and this should continue.

Likewise there are Hungary people right here in our great nation of Canada and in other countries such as the United States. These often-homeless people along with those struggling to support their families across these nations must be included as well. Education, jobs, and other supports must be put in place to aid these people and their families to healthier and happier futures.

For this to take place over several years, we will have to continue donating funds and raising awareness nationally as well as globally.

Maybe even someday the extremely wealthy would be required to pay a percentage of their yearly salary to these causes. This acuity could be as low as say 0 .1%. A salary of $1,000,000 would pay $10,000, a larger salary of $30,000,000 would pay $ 300,000. In comparison that would be like a middle-class salary of $30,000 paying $300 a year or $36 dollars a month. I should state that this 0 .1% is only an estimated figure.

If we as a people could get this initiative off the ground and up and running we could amass enough donated funds of wealth to start the process and could probably have made a great impact, if not have solved the problem within 5 – 10 years. Just an idea.

Here’s something else to think about.

Camel through the eye of a needle

The good book states that the meek will inherit the earth. Those poor in material wealth are rich in spirit. This is so true. The people who suffer hardships have the most character and are stronger and happier spiritually.  By donating material wealth to those who only require what is needed to survive, a wealthy person would be seen righteous in the eyes of God and would themselves acquire spiritual wealth and become rich in spirit. By donating even, a little out of the good will of your heart you too will be seen as meek and will inherit the earth as well. Materially wealthy give to spiritually wealthy, spiritually wealthy gives to materially wealthy and the camel passes right through the eye.

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