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Trump Urges Immigration Ban from Countries with ‘History of Terrorism’

In his strongest reaction to the massacre in Orlando’s nightclub, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stated on Monday that he would put a stop to immigration to the United States from countries where a history of terrorism has been proven against the US. Hilary Clinton, the democratic rival warned him against demonizing the Muslims in America and offered a completely different approach to go about national security as the two candidates for presidency clashed in speeches that were reactions to massacre at the gay nightclub, which killed 49 people and the gunman and left 53 people injured. This is the deadliest mass shooting to be conducted in the history of modern US.

The presumptive nominee of the Democrats for the November 8th election, Hilary Clinton said in a speech in Cleveland that while the terrorist who carried out the shooting is dead, the virus poisoning his mind is still going strong and that should be the target. Trump spoke in Manchester, New Hampshire and said that he would have a better control over immigration with his executive authority, if he is elected. Hence, he emphasized one of the main themes of his campaign for the general election on November 8th.

He noted that Omar Mateen, the 29-year old Orlando shooter’s parents were born in Afghanistan. He said that he would use his authority for protecting the American people. The wealthy businessman went on to say that he would suspend immigration from those areas of the world that have a history of terrorism against the US, Europe and their allies until they understand these threats in a better manner. He also challenged Clinton to explain why she was open to accepting the Syrian Civil War refugees and he also asserted that his policies would provide better protection to American women, Christians and Jews and gays and lesbians.

His support amongst gay and women voters is lagging far behind that of Clinton. The presidential candidate said that radical Islam is anti-gay, anti-woman and also anti-American. The New York billionaire said that he wouldn’t let America become a place where Christian people, gay people and Jewish people are the targets of intimidation and persecution by preachers of radical Islam who promote violence and hate. Trump also questioned the motives of President Barrack Obama for not using the term ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ for describing these attacks. He said that both Clinton and the President were unfit to lead the country.

Mateen was the son of Afghan immigrants who was born in the US. He pledged his loyalty to militant group Islamic State and armed with an assault rifle, he opened fire in a gay nightclub early on Sunday. Clinton said that the best ways to deal with threats of violence in the US and abroad was to remove the propaganda of the Islamic State from the internet, coordinating with allies in the region in a better manner and to launch more air strikes in the areas that are under the control of the militant group.

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