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20-year Old Entrepreneur Multi-Millionaire Property Tycoon Hemant Lochav


20-year Old Entrepreneur Multi-Millionaire Property Tycoon Hemant Lochav

It is wrong to say that not everyone gets a chance to change the world. In reality, everyone gets a chance to save the world but not everyone is ready to take such a huge responsibility. Hemant Lochav, a 20-year old regular guy from India has proven to be one of the rarest people who take up opportunities of changing the world and do it. Hemant is an entrepreneur from India who has started to revolutionize the real estate industry in India. Soon, you will be seeing the way of his work becoming an industry standard and spreading to other countries as well.

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Born and raised in Delhi, Hemant already belongs to a well-off family. However, Hemant never really wanted to take advantage of the money that was commonly available to him as a part of the family. He has always been looking for business opportunities and to this day he looks for new domains and dimensions to explore. is one of the companies he founded out of his love for real estate industry. More importantly, he thought the real estate industry in India was not being fair to the customers when it came to selling properties.

His search for a business opportunity and passion for presenting a solution in the real estate industry resulted in him founding This is the real estate agent in India that has already been valued at $22 million. It is the fastest growing real estate website in India and one that is supposed to change how things have been working in the real estate industry in the country for more than half a century. The idea of the company was to create a place where people could go and sell their properties without incurring a huge commission of 2%. Imagine the amount you had to pay if you sold a house that was more than 50,00,000 Indian Rupees.

Rather than making the Indian people pay 2% commission on the sale of their properties, does it for them for less than 10k Indian Rupees. This is nothing less than revolutionary, but what makes it special is that an ordinary guy who is aged 20 was the one to come up with the idea. In fact, Hemant Lochav didn’t just come up with the idea, he made it into a company. Today, his company is worth more than $22 million and is serving millions of property sellers in India at a price that was not thought to be possible just a few months ago.

Bottom Line is just one of the many ideas that Hemant Lochav has in his entrepreneurial mind. In 2019, he is already working 12 different ideas to start working on. If he is successful with these projects, he will definitely be one of the biggest entrepreneurs of the world, not just India. Hemant has chosen a path different from the rest of his friends. While they are roaming around and enjoying their days, Hemant is busy rewriting history and inscribing his name in golden words in the real estate industry of India.

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